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The spirit is still there!

Two days ago I posted March: 15 day writing challenge. The response of my fellow bloggers has been overwhelming!

A couple of my Indonesian blogger friends have jumped on the wagon and bravely accepted the challenge. So here they are listed below. Should you want to visit their blog, please do.

  • Joeyz in Jakarta, Indonesia. I once participated in a month movie challenge she posted  in November 2014. When I posted this challenge on my Instagram, Joeyz directly responded and wanted to join. Joeyz and I are definitely blog challenge buddies.
  • Michelle in Semarang, Indonesia. She also reacted to my post on Instagram and started yesterday. Michelle is a talented young woman. She made me this beautiful doodle in January 2014.
  • Mariska aka MrsPassionfruit in Auckland, New Zealand. She hesitated but she has started it anyway. Yay to Mariska!
  • Dewi in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dewi is Joeyz’s partner in crime in Korean dramas. I love to read her blog because she is so funny. Can’t wait to read more stories of yours Dewi.
  • Dila in Melbourne, Australia. She has just started today. Well done Dila!
  • Dita in NYC, USA. Thank you for joining Dita.
  • Elita, owner of Call me El blog in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Viny in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Amelia in Hannover, Germany
  • Ata in Bengkulu, Indonesia
  • VivaDeasy somewhere in Indonesia
  • Sunglowmama somewhere in Indonesia
  • Aggy in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Inly in Jakarta, Indonesia

I am very happy to see that apparently this challenge has inspired others to do the same. This is one of the reasons why I keep on blogging; as this blog motto is to share to connect and to inspire.

Those who are interested, join the challenge. I will put your blog on the list above. By doing this we keep the blogging spirit alive. And as Joeyz said; let’s suffer together!

Happy writing and reading y’all!

Pic is courtesy of Freepik

15 thoughts on “The spirit is still there!

  1. Asyikkk ada bacaan bertebaran di bulan Maret ini hehehee….kelar bikin lgs ngedance dong mbak?

  2. The challenge sounds fun. I once did similar but it’s a 30 day challenge. I want to do this as well, but don’t know if I can write in every 2 days

    • Boleh lah Lativa. Silahkan link ke pos pertamaku tentang challenge ini ya, yang tanggal 28 Februari itu supaya aku bisa update dan insert link ke blog kamu di pos di atas.

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