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Day 1 writing challenge: 15 fun facts about me

Without further introduction here are 15 fun facts about me.

  1. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on 20 August 1972.
  2. Therefore I am a Leo.
  3. I went to vocal school and used to sing in a choir. My voice is alto.
  4. I was a tomboy. As a child I fell a couple of times from the bike, the swing, the tree or from running. My legs are full of scars because of this.
  5. If I’m not mistaken I have only had short hair do 2 times in my life; when I was at junior high school and after I gave birth to my daughter. Beside that I have always had my hair long.
  6. I am a good breakdancer, I can do windmill, headspin and soda pop well up until now.
  7. I have a strong visual memory, like an elephant.
  8. I give compliments when I really mean them. Otherwise I choose to just shut my mouth.
  9. I am that person who breaks the ice. I am talkative.
  10. I take myself seriously but self-deprecation every now and then won’t hurt me.
  11. I used to smoke and successfully quit it cold turkey in just three days a long long time ago. Perhaps I should write a post about it.
  12. Sharing knowledge and info works rewarding for me. That is why I am keen in doing it through blogging or tweeting.
  13. I have been living in The Netherlands for more than 21 years but I still don’t like drop (Dutch licorice).
  14. I have this guilty feeling towards the environment as I polish my nails regularly and wear nylon stockings under my skirt/dress in the winter. Nail polish, the remover and nylon stockings aren’t easy to recycle you know.
  15. I adore fire flies but they are really scarce these days. I have been missing them badly.

This is the first post of 15 day writing challenge.

43 thoughts on “Day 1 writing challenge: 15 fun facts about me

  1. I’m with you on number 15. It’s been years since I saw them! I’m wondering if I will ever see them again, even if travel to less light polluted place šŸ˜¦

  2. wouw Mbak Yo bisa breakdance o_O.
    Untuk no 15, memang udah jarang banget ya mbak kita bisa liat kunang-kunang ><

    • Iya. Dulu aku tinggal di Jakarta sering ke Puncak kalau akhir pekan. Mulai dari daerah Ciawi masih banyak kunang-kunang waktu itu.

  3. Terakhir lihat kunang kunang pas waktu di Ambulu, Jember, seminggu sebelum berangkat ke Belanda. Yg diceritakan Mbahku, katanya kunang kunang itu dari kukunya orang mati. Dan percaya gitu dari aku kecil sampai sekarang haha.

    • Aku waktu masih kecil senengnya tangkap beberapa kunang-kunang terus aku simpan di botol selai yang atasnya aku tutup kawat nyamuk. Terus aku bawa ke tempat gelap jadi lampu. Bagus deh.

  4. Breakdancing hahahha! Amazing! When you said to me you go out dancing, I was thinking might be going to a club or do a bit of salsa. But didn’t know it meant going out in ‘da hood’ with some back-to-front-hat-wearing teenagers with their beatboxing way. Hahaha JK

    • Yeah, What about that? ha…ha…Well, breakdance is one of the dances I can do well besides Javanese, Balinese & Sundanese classics. When I go out with friends I do a bit hip hop, streetdance, latin etc but I don’t do country line dance or poco-poco. That’s not for me šŸ˜€

  5. Breakdance keren dong mba yo bisa muter2 gitu. Denny sama loh ceritanya dikampungku hahaha, dulu katanya kunang2 dr kuku orang meninggal tapi mbahku ga pernah bilang begitu, tapi dulu tetap aja takut kalau lihat kunang kunang sekarang ga pernah lihat lagi šŸ˜¦

  6. Brreakdance….cool, my brother used to like it so much also. #11 I did not know that but good for you to quit!! #14 nylon stockings are bad? I did not know that also but I don’t wear them anyway. #15 disini kalo summer masih ada tapi mesti di daerah country side yang banyak farm nya. Di Holland masih banyak farm land juga kan? tapi engga ada fireflies?

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  9. Hi, Salam Kenal šŸ˜€

    Tulisannya bagus2 mbak, seneng bacanya. Jadi pingin bisa nulis kayak begini. Really want to learn from you a lot! Including the breakdancing, hehe šŸ˜€

    • Salam kenal juga Citra. Makasih ya. Saya menulis seperti ini karena suka aja bagi info. Kalau ada waktu untuk belajar menulis di sini, bisa lihat post dengan kategori blogging & thoughts di blog ini.

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  11. hidup di Londo selama 21 (15 fun facts about me), apa tidak membuatmu ketinggalan update bahasa Gaul/Slang yg senantiasa berkembang?

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