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I did it!

I have successfully completed the 15 day writing challenge last month. Two days after the start a couple of blog buddies joined the ride. As days passed, this challenge had reached more and more bloggers. Some took the challenge and linked it to the first post, some didn’t.

Some even took the challenge but did all of them in one post. Well, I think the latter group missed the point. The challenge is called 15 day writing challenge. If you take it and do it in one day, then it is not a 15 day writing challenge.

If I had so much time to blogwalk, I would love to comment on each one of you who joined the challenge. My sincere apology I haven’t done that properly.

One thing I now sure of is that the writing spirit is still there. Writing is what bloggers do, right? In that post there is an overview of participating bloggers. If you want your name there, kindly link your challenge to that post or the start post dated 28 February.

Thank you for reading and commenting, perhaps I would do another one next year.


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