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March: 15 day writing challenge

Hey you, Starting tomorrow I will begin a 15 day writing challenge. Once in two days a post as stated on the list will be published here. By doing this I would also like to challenge myself to write more regularly. Well, there are enough drafts on my dashboard right now but I haven’t finished them. The post subjects of the drafts require more research (as in reading and watching documentaries) which means more time and focus I can’t deliver due to work load and many social events at the moment.

By choosing to do this challenge I will also getting more personal which I find a bit scary to be honest. I know I share one thing or two about myself but this blog is a place where I share my thoughts and opinions about the subjects I love, not a diary. The older I get, the more challenging it is to share tidbits about me as I keep asking myself before publishing a post: do my readers need to know this? But I do this challenge anyway to keep the blogging spirit alive. This list has made me a bit nostalgic about blogging in the early days, let’s say around 2006 – 2008. That is why I do this. Blogging oldskool is not dead. I must commit to it as I dare to call myself a blogger. What bloggers do is write, right?

To those who are interested in participating, please do and tag this post along so your link will appear in the comment below.


The list was made by the owner of lovelovelovesar.blogspot.com but unfortunately this blog doesn’t exist anymore. To the blog owner, thank you for the inspiration.


66 thoughts on “March: 15 day writing challenge

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  2. Aduhhh jadi pengen ikutan mba yo…biar aku ga bahas korea mulu. Hahaha..ok count me in. Kayak waltu kita 30days movie challenge ya mba yo πŸ˜ƒ

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  6. Aaaaah baru hari ini ngeblog setelah dua minggu off. Jadi pengen ikutan niiiiih, tapi kudu konsisten yak πŸ™ˆ. Mbak Yoyen generasi breakdance tahun 84-85an.. itu aku baru lahir. Keren mbak hihihi (gap umur nya lumayan tapi gak kliatan)

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  8. Wah,seru! aku liat temen2 juga banyak yg ikutan. Aku minjem beberapa topiknya aja boleh yaa.. hehe kayak nomer1, aku mau nulis soal itu sometime soon πŸ™‚

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  11. Hay Mbak Yo, salam kenal. Ternyata pada rame-rame nulis itu asalnya dari sini,
    Pengen ikutan juga tapi… aku… kadang… pemales… Gimana dong mbak? πŸ˜€

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  23. aku mauuu ikutaan yaaa.. sahabatku, dita ikutan, jadi aku cari linknya, eh ternyata maksudnya mbak yoyen ini blog yg ini yaa, padahal udah aku follow.. heehehe.. walau telat mau ikutaaaaaan πŸ™‚

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