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Park Güell revisited

Every time I come to Barcelona I visit Park Güell. Last year I wrote about parks in BCN. At that time entrance to Park Güell was free.

Now Barcelona municipality has divided this city park in 2 different areas: the Monumental Zone, which requires the purchase of a ticket, and the free access area which is open to all visitors at no charge.

This is information I copied and pasted from Park Güell official website.


The part emphasized on the map is the Monumental Zone. The rest of Park Güell can be entered without restriction and free of charge.

  • You must arrive at the access control point at the assigned time so as not to lose your scheduled entry times. Entry will not be allowed outside the times stated on the ticket.
  • If you arrive at Park Güell before the assigned time, you can start your visit with the free entry zone.
  • Once tickets have been purchased, no change of date or time will be allowed.
  • The tickets for visiting the Monumental Zone do not include the Gaudí House Museum.

  • Although I find it unheard of but I can understand the decision to limit the access of the monumental area for paying visitors only. Why? Because it was getting more and more crowded not only with tourists but also with street vendors, musicians and artists. And there were tourists climbing on the mosaic benches. To keep this UNESCO heritage intact this is seemingly an inevitable decision.

    Below is the pic I took of the monumental area last year. Notice the wrist watch vendor and souvenir vendors installing their goods on the ground.


    Monumental area
    Be on time on to enter this area cause the park management only allow 400 visitors to enter the Monumental area each 30 minutes after the assigned time printed in the ticket. I came there at 9 am and managed to take pictures with hardly any tourists on it.

    Here are a number of pictures I took of the Monumental area.

    First, the mosaic benches. Mediterranian see is visible in the background.

    Then come the hibiscus and other plants.




    Gaudí’s artworks



    The famous lizard. It was hard to capture this without visitors on it back in the days when the park was totally free entry.




    My daughter G took this pic of me standing between the columns. These colums support a plateau with the colourful mosaic benches on it.


    Free access area
    Visiting this area is free of charge.







    This is Gaudí’s house. It is located in the free access area but visitors need to pay to enter.


    I hope this post provide adequate information for tourists who want to visit Park Güell. The park is partly free. Visitors only pay to come to the monumental area.

    Download the free Park Güell app for information, pics and recommended routes. This is handy as the park is huge. Free WiFi is available in the Monumental area, the signal is strong.


    Park Güell
    Entry Monumental Area € 7 (online) € 8 (on site) prices are from July 2014
    For more information visit the official website

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    18 thoughts on “Park Güell revisited

      • Iya Felis. Bagian gratisnya juga bagus dan besar. Hanya rada cape juga kalo lihat semuanya karena menanjak, taman ini lokasinya diatas bukit.

    1. Ini semacam kayak taman gantung gitu ya mbak. Somehow ngeliat desainnya Gaudi itu nyebelin tapi nyenengin ya. Gemess sih kayak art pieces yang belum jadi gitu atau justru kayak asal but then that’s what art is…

      • Ngga Shin, taman biasa. Karena lokasinya dibukit jadi ada beberapa level gitu. Memang karya Gaudí kesannya seperti belum selesai. Eh tapi mungkin ini cuma untuk Park Güell & Sagrada Família aja ya. Casa Milà & Casa Battlò itu bagus banget & memang kesannya udah rampung.

    2. Wah untung dah kesana tanpa bayar.😃 Walau aku campaigner for arts for all I think Unesco/international sites like this needs to charge. The amount of people that goes through those site is unbelievable. I know the maintanance of these sites are so expensive.€7 is not bad really.

      • Iya Dine, berasa loh sekarang karena bayar jadi sepi Monumental Areanya. Yang bikin aku kesel itu ya orang jualan & ngamen dimana-mana dan turis yang manjat-manjat ngga karuan. Sekarang karena bayar banyak staff yang jaga & negur ya.

    3. Parc Guell is awesome mba…the gecko especially..but all the details there are incredible..truly jaw-dropping :)..would love to visit it again 🙂

      • It is ya. Have you been to Gaudí’s house up above the hill? I mean the other one, not the pink one in this post? Itu bagus lagi. Cuma ya cape nanjaknya kesana. Sukanya kalo diplateau yang ada bangku mosaiknya bisa kelihatan Barcelona & laut Mediterrania.

    4. Duh tempatnya bagus banget ya mba. Kapann bisa kesana hehehe. Setuju sama mba feb suka gaya mba yo. Especially the pink pants. Pretty 👍😃

      • Pagi-pagi Ndah. Gw kesana jam 9 teng. Ngga rame, enak sepi. Waktu balik jam 11 mulai terasa ramenya. Btw, jumlah pengunjung ke Monumental area dibatasi 400 orang tiap 30 menit, jadi ngga riweh.

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