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MM: Que reste-t-il de nos amours?

It’s Music Monday! This is one of my french favorite songs, Que reste-t-il de nos amours?, in English is What remains of our love? but this song is better known as I wish you love. This is a very old song. It was firstly recorded by Charles Trenet in 1942. Trenet wrote the lyrics. I love how the French sounds in it. It’s romantic and very sweet. Stacey Kent’s version is my fave.

What remains of our love?
Tonight, the wind knocking at my door
speaks to me of past loves
before the dying fire
tonight, an autumn song
quavers through the house
and I think of those bygone days

What remains of our loves?
What of those fine days of yore?
A photo, an old photo, of my youth.
What remains of the love letters
the months of April, the rendez-vous?
A memory that pursues me without fail
a shadow of happiness, windblown hair
stolen kisses, moving dreams
what remains of all these things
do tell me?
a little village, an old bell tower
fields and meadows, well tucked away
and in a cloud, the cherished face
of my past days.

The words, the tender words that are murmured
the caresses purest of the pure
the vows exchanged deep in the woods
the flowers one finds among the pages of a book
whose perfume quakes and stirs
have all blown away, oh why?

30 thoughts on “MM: Que reste-t-il de nos amours?

  1. Mbaaa Yo, tau gak aku suka banget denger orang ngomong prancis hahaha padahal aku gak ngerti artinya. Abisnya kalo orang ngomong prancis mau ngomong “bersiin kamar mandi gih” tetep aja kedengeran romantis hahaha. Aku suka dengerin lagu ini, donlot πŸ™‚

  2. Aku gatau yg versi ini mbak tau yg versi mas Trenet nya..banyak ya versi nya hahaha *norak* Ikke pecinta mati chanson nya negri perancis ini. Padahal mah ngarti juga kagak bahasa nya hahaha! Fave aku: alm. Barbara, mas Trenet dan Camille πŸ™‚ kalo ada yg lucu lucu boleh mbak bagi2 posting dimari πŸ™‚

  3. Aku suka Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Patrick Bruel & tentu aja Jacques Brel. Nanti ya dicari chansons français yang enak Pie.

  4. Lagunya enak mbak, jadi ngebayangin candle light dinner, minum wine makan steak salmon. Anyway, kalau penyanyi Perancis aku demennya Rose sama Emmanuel Moire (gara2 dia ganteng).

  5. Sukaaaaa….:) Sama dengan Noni aku juga suka dengerin lagu2 berbahasa perancis meskipun bahasa perancis aku sangat minim, berbekal CCF jaman dulu di Jakarta dan Tarakanita! Lagunya bening banget yaaa…xx

  6. Mba yoo lagunya enak bgt, sukaa. Bikin adem malem2 dengernya. Denger orang ngomong bahasa perancis aja suka walaupun ga ngerti. Ada saran lg ga mbaa buat lagu2 perancis yang enak? πŸ™‚

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