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Travel like a local in BCN

During a week holiday in Barcelona last July we rented an apartment in El Clot quarter. El Clot is a part of Sant Martí district. It is only 15 minutes stroll to Gaudí’s La Sagrada Família and 5 minutes to Hospital de la Santa Creu i San Pau.

This quarter was once called El Clot de Miel means The Honey Hole in Catalan language. The neighbourhood was established in the Medieval Age by the name Clotum Melis (Latin). At that time the quarter was rural with many honeymakers and farmers lived there. Hence the name.

During the Industrial Revolution textile industry rised in El Clot. Nowadays inhabitants of this quarter is a mix of working lower and middle class both Barcelona born Catalans and immigrants from Spanish speaking countries.

Travel like a local
My family and I love Barcelona so much. Actually we spent our holiday here last year. Staying more than a week end in a city we prefer to rent an apartment to be able to explore more. Interaction with locals is also one thing we aim. So El Clot is a perfect quarter for this.

A glimpse of the living room in the apartment. Look at the modernista inspired tiles.20140803-160822-58102471.jpg

The apartment has this lovely and cozy big rooftop terrace. I hang around there sipping ice cold Sangria after exploring the city.20140803-160858-58138564.jpg

There are not so many tourists around in El Clot. This is a bit odd cause Barcelona’s most popular touristic must-see, La Sagrada Família, is just around the corner.

Virtual tour
I take you for a tour around El Clot, ready?

These are pictures of Carrer de Rogent, a long street which is full of lovely bakeries, pastries shops, minimarkets, bars & cafes. The atmosphere felt authentic Catalan.

A vegetable and fruit shop. Look at the Catalan flag hangs on the building. The people are proud in showing their origin.

Shady lanes on Carrer de Rogent make it comfortable to walk.

An artschool in the middle of Carrer de Rogent

Crossing Avenida Meridiana, I stumbled across this beautiful, tiny house. It stood out of majority of the high rise flats for blue collars once. 20140803-122015-44415265.jpg

Lovely local market in the heart if the quarter, Mercat del Clot. I tasted yummy croquetas in there. You name it they have it; chicken, spinach, ham, meat, mushroom & plain croquetas, to go or on the spot.

A street in the corner of the market. 20140803-122013-44413204.jpg

Unfortunately I only took this pic of the park El Clot in the hood. This pic does not do justice to the park though.

Food and drinks
Barcelona’s pastry shops sell delicious pastries. They are much cheaper than those in The Netherlands. Actually the mini pastries are sometimes on sale by weight. Although not as refined as French pattisserie, Spanish pastries are surely worth to try.



Baby squid à ración at a Tapas bar.

The bakery across the apartment where I bought bread for breakfast daily.

Ravioli at Pizza Qué? 10 meter from the bakery.

Pizza Margherita & Anchovies at Pizza Qué?

Public transports
Metro L1 (Red line): El Clot Aragó and Clot
Metro L5 (Blue line): Camp de l’Arpa

El Clot is a safe and lively neighbourhood with hospitable and welcome locals. If you look for the touristic hustle and bustle or want to spend your money on shopping for renowned street or high brands, then this is not the place for you. In El Clot there are only local shops with average local people. For me it was a lovely stay at this compact quarter.

More stories about touristic must-sees I saw in BCN are coming soon. Stay tuned.

Previously published in this Barcelona travel serie:
Route du Soleil

24 thoughts on “Travel like a local in BCN

  1. Nice entry and great photographs. I have always wanted to visit Barcelona and this makes me want to go even more.What a great place!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hai Astrid, Bisa kirim link ini ke Jan. Baca juga pos tentang Barcelona yang aku tulis tahun lalu, banyak informasi umum disitu. Dan kalo mau tanya lewat japri tentu aja boleh. Bisa kirim diemailku yang ada di Contact ya.

      Minggu depan keluar beberapa post tentang must-sees di BCN.

      • Iaa Mba, dan senengnya ditulis pake inggris, jd aku langsung kasih link nya ke dia :D. Jadi tambah pingin ke sana abis bacaa ini 😀 Makasih Mba, kalau ada yang kita mau nanya, aku email ke Mba Yoyen yaa 😘

  2. I always wanna go to Barcelona, it seems so far away from this part of the world though. One day I will…gotta save first! Love the pics…and the food looks delish!

  3. travel like a local itu kayaknya enak ya mbak, santai, gak keburu buru sama itinerary kesana kesini. Hahaha mesti lebih giat nabung nih biar bisa backpacker dan jalan santai ke Eropa sana 🙂

    • Iya May. Enaknya biasanya tempat nginep jauh dari hingar bingar daerah turis, level harga juga bersahabat dan pengalaman lebih memuaskan. Lagipula interaksi sama penduduk sekitar seru, bisa dapet cerita yang orisinal dan tips tentang tempat2 yang ok menurut mereka. Ini menurutku ya. Ngga enaknya kadang komunikasi susah tapi yah dibawa enak juga bisa kok 🙂

      Sip, nabung biar bisa ke Barcelona.

      • Betul, dan biasanya derah yang non turis lebih seru dan punya banyak cerita. Soal bahasa sekalian belajar ya mbak 🙂
        Siiip, eh ntar abis nabung cutinya yang susah 😆 . Biasa di indo kan cuma 12 hari mbak 😀

  4. Aduh yen, bagus2 banget fotonya, gua pengen juga ke Spain, belom pernah ke sana. Dan Barcelona is in my agenda setelah San Sebastian. Nyari apartment gampang ato susah? Ah tapi elo udah tau milih daerah ya jadi gampang juga nyarinya.
    Ada suggestion di Brussel ngapain ga untuk day trip? WA ya, ga nyambung banget Tanya nya di blog elo:) Sorry…hehehe

    • Nyari apartment gampang, banyak kok. Di Brussels banyak yang bisa dilihat; Atomium, Tintin museum, King’s palace, Arche de triomphe dll.

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