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Late post: BCN Parks

Here are some pics of two parks in Barcelona I would love to share here.

Parc de Ciutadella Barcelona


Park Guëll
Count Eusebi Guëll purchased two areas up north of the city (Can Muntaner de Dalt and Can Coll i Pujol) in 1899 and hired Antoni Gaudí te built a residential park there with houses to sell. Unfortunately the houses were not sold. Barcelona city council took this over from Count Guëll and changed it into a park. It opened for public at 1922. This beautiful park has become Barcelona’s icon now. This park is big, 17 acre and impressive. The plants and trees are exotic. You recognize Gaudí’s style immediately, there are no straight lines in the park. What I love the most is Gaudí’s pink house in the middle of it. It is now a museum open for public. In the center of a park there is plateau supported by pillars where the world famous mosaic benches stand.

Park Guëll
Carrer d’Olot 5, Barcelona
Metro Lesseps (L3)
Opening hours
All year round 8.00 am – 9 pm
Starting from January 2014 visitors must pay an entry fee to visit the Monumental area.

Bougainville Parc Guell Barcelona

Gaudí's house Parc Guell Barcelona

Stairs Gaudí's house Parc Guell Barcelona

Landscape Parc Guell Barcelona

PillarsGaudí center Parc Guell Barcelona

View from Parc Guell Barcelona

Parc de Ciutadella
Situated only a throw away from the beach, Parc de Ciutadella is Barcelona’s biggest and central park. Built in 1872 this huge park with 74 acre ground houses three museums, a zoo, a lake, a waterfountain and many more. In 1888 Parc de Ciutadella was a venue of World Expo. The Arc de Triomf was especially built for this event by Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas. This arch marks the park’s entrance. Not unimportant for tourist: there is a free WiFi throughout the park, a facility from Barcelona council.

Parc de Ciutadella
Passeig Picasso 21, Barcelona
Metro Barceloneta (L4) or Arc de Triomf (L1)
Opening hours
summer 10 am – 7 pm
winter 10 am – 5 pm

La Cascada, Water fountain, Parc de Ciutadella Barcelona

Shady vegetation Parc de Ciutadella

Mini lake Parc de Ciutadella Barcelona

Palm trees Parc de Ciutadella Barcelona

View path Parc de Ciutadella Barcelona

Castell des tres Dragons, Parc de Ciutadella Barcelona

Arc de Triomf Parc de Ciutadella Barcelona

Both parks are easy to reach by public transport. They are free entry.

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