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The Holy Family

La Sagrada Família Catedral or The Holy Family Cathedral is one of Barcelona’s biggest tourist attractions beside Park Güell. Both are Gaudí’s works.

Built in 1882 this huge church is not finished yet up untill now. Although unfinished in November 2010 Pope Benedict XVI consecrated it as a minor basilica. This means that a bishop may lead the church. The expected completion would be somewhere in 2026.

After having visited this church for several times here are several reasons of why it is still unfinished in my opinion:

  • The design is geniously compicated. At the beginning only 2 workers worked on this building. Now there is a team of 100 architects and more workers.
  • Gaudí’s sudden unexpected death, he was hit by a tram.
  • The building laid still during Spanish civil war 1936 – 1939.
  • In Spanish civil war a fire destroyed the original maquette and parts of the building.
  • Lack of budget. The building of this church may only be financed by funds/gifts. Nowadays the entry fee visitors pay help to complete the church faster.

  • Inside
    Here are some pictures I took with iPhone. I forgot to charge my SLR’s camera batteries the night before.

    Most old churches in Europe are dark inside but this church is luminous.



    Should you wonder where the coloured hues come from, they are light reflections of these stained glass windows. Breathtakingly beautiful, isn’t it?




    Details of the ceiling. This is as far as I could zoom in. Gaudí was inspired by nature (crops of fruit and vegetable) in his design. I recognize Pineapple form in the detail.



    The text of Pare Nostre (Our Father) in Catalan.


    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    Overwhelmed by the splendour, most visitors forget this is still a church.



    Behind this there is a small silent space for those who want to pray. I didn’t take picture of that silent room out of respect. I was not even allowed to enter it as I wore a sleeveless dress, I needed to cover my upper arms. There were people praying in the silent room and beneath this, in the basement there is also a prayer’s room.


    Going out of the church there is an exposition room in the basement.



    Gaudí used to live on the site in a small pavillion. In the exposition there are models of the details, work atelier, inspirations and pictures of the church etc.


    If you want to visit this church which is officially called Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família purchasing tickets online is highly recommended, unless you are willing to queu up to an hour or more. I bought my ticket online and went there at 9 am.

    When you are in Barcelona visit it and help the foundation finish this UNESCO heritage on time.

    Here I stand in front of the bronze door full of interesting details.




    Sagrada Família
    Carrer de Mallorca, 401 Barcelona
    Open daily 9 am – 8 pm (Basilica)
    For actual information and online ticket purchase take a look at Visit Sagrada Família

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    16 thoughts on “The Holy Family

      • Thank you Indah. Imagine when I found out I forgot to charge my camera battery. Waaa, a real beginner’s fault. But iPhone camera did ok though.

      • Iya, minus 3 years of Civil War. And there is guarantee the church will be completed in 2026. Thank you, I love Batik dress, adem dipakenya 🙂

    1. Bagus banget ya mba. Dan brown kayaknya bisa ngarang cerita dengan settingan disini. What i like the most is the door covered with words from the bible, sama entrance yg melambangkan hope, faith dan love.

      • Iya Nov, banyak simbol-simbol dan lokasi bangunannya deket-deket. Bisa buat setting history thriller.

        Aku masuk kedalem lihat interior & cahaya warna-warni jadi terharu saking bagusnya. Call me lebay I do not care 😀

      • Gaudí was the city’s architect while there were others who left their legacy too. Spain and especially Barcelona are worth to visit.

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