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Carpe Diem

Last week Ria tagged me in a post concerning this question:

two words

The two words I want to tell my younger me are Carpe Diem or seize the day. My interpretation of this famous quote from Roman poet Horace/Horatius is do things you can do today, do not delay it. This is clear to understand but Carpe Diem means more than this to me. It is an attitude I have learned in my adult life the past 20 years. Since I was the one who suggested Ria to explain this in a blogpost, here is my share.

Here are some things I would like to tell my younger self about this Carpe Diem attitude:

Planning your life into details and stick to it doesn’t always work. Things in life do no stream smoothly exactly as you plan. There are chances to take, risks to avoid, challenges to pursue and disappointments to deal with. Life is what you make of it. Carpe Diem.

Get angry but don’t be jealous. Although seen as negative anger is one useful emotion. When someone drives you to the edge, you’d be angry at him. By getting angry you let him know your boundaries. If he gets this, he would not make you angry about the same issue next time. Carpe diem.

On the other hand, avoid jealousy. Jealousy will drag you down into loathing the other person you are jealous of. At the end of the day you’d reach the bottom and couldn’t get out. This is such a waste of your precious time!

Instead you can turn your jealousy into inspiration. If you feel jealous towards someone because of his achievement, appearance etc, challenge yourself. Ask yourself: Can I reach it myself? If not, leave it, leave the green zone and get in tune with yourself and have peace with it. Carpe diem.

Do not regret decisions you made in the past. You can’t turn back the clock, can you? Carpe diem.

Go out more and be one with your environment. The nature is too beautiful to stay inside. Carpe diem.

Get along only with people you are comfortable with. Get inspired by them. Get rid of those who send you negative vibes. Carpe diem.

Image is nothing. When you really connect with yourself, the true you will arise. Learn more how you could find your true self.  Be yourself because being someone else is bloody tiring. Carpe diem.

Do only things you really love. This is food for your soul. Carpe diem.

Take good care of yourself, feed yourself with well-balanced food and live healthy. This will pay off in your ageing process. Carpe diem.

I am truly aware the younger me would hardly pay attention to what I write above. The younger me would find this post boring and patronizing. That is ok because the younger me would explore the path which led me to this Carpe diem attitude I have today.

What I would do is to forward this to my daughter. I hope she can learn from it. If not, I am sure she will find her own life guide. The one which suits her best.

Carpe diem!

43 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Cool, Lo! I like the statement about jealousy and get along only with people you’re comfortable with… It’s true though, jealousy will get you to nowhere and just a waste of time. I’m now very careful with who I friends with, it’s better to walk alone rather than in the wrong crowd I think! xx

    • Thanks for the tag Ria. I think given the facts that mostly women struggle with their friendship, I will write a post about female friendship.

    • Belum selesai udah keburu klik reply -__-*
      Aku sekarang juga prinsipnya, gak mau jalan sama orang yang gak bikin aku nyaman. That’s all. Nah, sayangnya mungkin karena kita bertumbuh jadi manusia baru…teman-teman lama akhirnya menjadi sebuah lingkungan yang tidak lagi membuat diri kita nyaman…aku lagi ngalamin ini sich…

      • Iya betul, lebih enak begitu kan ya. Kalo menurutku sih kita sebagai manusia konstan berubah, bisa jadi ada satu titik dimana hubungan dengan teman baik bisa tersendat karena perubahan ini. Aku sepertinya akan nulis tentang female friendship deh.

  2. Such a beautiful post and very inspiring. I have been feeding myself with the positive attitude and mindset since I got out of school and lived by myself (because I had a lot of time to think and evaluate) But..I think it was about 3 years ago that I really understood the essence. I am sure G will find it very educating and inspiring, if not now maybe a bit later🙂

  3. I like this part the most: “There are chances to take, risks to avoid, challenges to pursue and disappointments to deal with.”
    C’est la vie.🙂
    Salam kenal Mbak Yoyen… i love to read your blog. It’s not just an inspiration for me but also a guidance.

  4. Really inspiring post mbak Yo!!
    Akupun memegang teguh kata-kata “carpe diem” ini mbak,,,,ngingetin buat terus optimis memandang hari ini dan esok.
    Soal jealousy, itu aku sekarang tuh yang lagi berusaha banget buat ga kayak gitu sama lingkungan. Soalnya buang-buang energi🙂

    • Aku udah lama ngga jealous sama orang. Pertama: orang itu rejekinya beda, kedua: siapa tahu yang diiriin juga iri sama kita sendiri. Dasarnya manusia itu makhluk yang ngga pernah puas. Kalo iri tentang prestasi, biasanya aku balik jadi tantangan tapi inspirasi. Kalo ngga bisa dibalap prestasinya ya berarti memang aku ngga mampu, nrima aja.

      • aku lagi di yang terakhir nih mbak,,suka iri sama prestasi orang. Sekarang sih dibuat motivasi aj abuat lebih baik lagi. Semoga segera lulus nih aku dari iri-irian ama orang lain mbak

  5. Mba yoooo….aku baca skali lalu aku ngerti,baca 2 kali aku paham…. aku mau baca lagi dan lagi supaya aku terus diingatkan dan melakukan semuanya…seterusnya*semoga*
    Thank u for this post mba yo, and its a blessing knowing such a wonderful people here through blogging, and u are one of them.may I reblog this? *jiahhhh mau ijin nge reblog aja pake gombal gambil dulu yakk? Lol…. * no, joke!thats true kok..not gombal…thank u mba yoyennn :)))

    • Ah Jo. Aku baca pertama kali komen ini kiranya kamu ngga paham😉 Makasih komennya, terharu aku bacanya. Aku sebenernya ngga ada niat untuk inspirasi orang, hanya berbagi cerita aja. Syukur kalo ceritaku bisa jadi inspirasi untuk yang baca. Silahkan reblog Jo.

  6. Reblogged this on Joeyz14 and commented:
    So This is the first time I reblog someone’s post, I don’t know but all what mba Yoyen said here, so TRUE… I couldn’t agree more. I think the statement “better late than never” would be applicable here. WHY? Becoz as what she said, We should have done this since we are younger. But, not too late for now right mba yo???

    Carpe Diem…..

  7. Wonderful post, Mbak. Thanks for sharing this.
    Soal marah, memang ada kalanya kita harus ambil sikap supaya orang lain tahu batas yang wajar buat kita.

    • Sama-sama Icha. Iya, orang kebanyakan menghindari marah padahal itu emosi yang ada fungsinya dengan catatan ngga berlebihan ya.

  8. suka banget ma tulisan ini Mbak… mengena sekali, kalo buat aku terutama ttg jealously dan regret my past. masih harus berjuang terus untuk itu.
    makasih ya mbak Yo krn pagi2 sudah mengingatkan. salam kenal🙂

  9. When someone drives you to the edge, you’d be angry at him. By getting angry you let him know your boundaries. If he gets this, he would not make you angry about the same issue next time. Carpe diem.

    Belum tentu, marah bisa terjadi sebagai reaksi seseorang karena zona nyaman dikutak katik, jika perlu harus di push ulang lagi sampai keluar dari lingkaran nyaman itu, daku gak akan ragu ragu melakukannya jika memang perlu dan demi kebaikan seseorang terutama yang dekat🙂

    • Sama aja sih menurutku. Orang yg zona nyamannya diutak atik marah karena dia harus keluar dari situ untuk menyatakan dia ngga suka. Jadi dia marah kan menyatakan itu batas zona nyamannya.

      Kalo yang memancing amarahnya ngerti, jadi akan tahu batasannya. Kalo sengaja memancing terus, ngga tahu aku seerat apa hubungannya untuk tetap bisa bergaul tanpa ganjalan.

  10. Mba Yo, baca ini entah kenapa seketika aku inget email panjang yg pernah aku kirim ke kamu. Harusnya aku baca ini jauhhhhhh sebelum aku nangis2 gara2 mereka

  11. Mba Yo, postingan ini menyentuh banget. Aku setuju sama semua statement yang mba sebutin di atas. Ga nyangka berawal dari blogwalking tapi aku malah bs belajar banyak dr mba Yo. Baca postingan ini aku sampe merenung sejenak tentang segala sesuatu yg sudah terjadi maupun yg sedang aku rencanakan. Thanks for the sweet reminder ya Mba🙂

  12. Mba Lo, quote yang ini : “Take good care of yourself, feed yourself with well-balanced food and live healthy. This will pay off in your ageing process. Carpe diem.” buat Debby makin semangat untuk berjuang hidup sehat🙂

    Thank You ya Mba, postingannya menyemangati slalu🙂

  13. Mbak Yo, bagus banget. Dan aku setuju kalimat terakhirmu, seandainya pun kalimat ini dikatakan kepadaku let’s say 10 tahun lalu, aku akan merasa ini boring dan patronizing, tapi sekarang kalimat-kalimat itu kurasakan bener banget. Dan itu meski kesannya telat, tapi pemahaman akan itu di usia sekarang ini bikin kita jadi lebih menikmati hidup kita yang sekarang juga, kok.

    • Iya Ndang, we get older and hopefully, wiser😉 Amin, memang itu maksudnya. Hidup hanya sekali dan pendek, nikmati hari ini juga.

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