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Demain tout commence

Omar Sy did it again! After Intouchables and Samba, Sy plays a main role in the comedy melodrama Demain tout commence (tomorrow everything begins) from director Hugo Gélin. This movie is a French adaptation of Mexican comedy No se aceptan devoluciones from Eugenio Derbez from 2013.


Samuel (Omar Sy) lives in sunny South France where he enjoys life to the fullest with a light sense of responsibility. One day a British woman, Kristin (Clémence Poésy) he was once intimate with, visits him and presents him a baby girl named Gloria which she claims to be his. Samuel chases Kristin to London to bring Gloria back to no avail. He is stuck with Gloria in London where he finally settles down with a job. Father and daughter are inseparable. After 8 years Gloria (Gloria Colston) has grown into a bright young girl but she misses her mother dearly. Samuel sends Gloria fake emails as if they are from Kristin. Until one day, the real Kristin comes up and wants to see Gloria in person. I won’t spoil the rest of the story here.

Demain tout commence shows Sy’s acting talent as a comedy drama actor. He plays it with flair. Sy succeeds building the character from a player, carefree young man into a responsible, playful and loving father who loves the daughter unconditionally. There is that chemistry between Sy and Gloria playing cool father and daughter. I can feel the fun and bonding between these two. Gloria Colston is one talented young actor who naturally plays a kid with different emotions. The story is funny, dramatic and touching. The way it develops with layering and the ending is surprising, it is unhollywoodlike if I may put it this way.

Despite 75% of the scenes are taken in London with close shots of the tube stations, pubs, Big ben, the Tower Bridge and street life, the dialogue is almost 100% French. The soundtrack is not bad either.

This movie was a big hit in France. Omar Sy tweeted two weeks ago that Demain tout commence has drawn attention of the jury of César award (French movie award) for best director (Hugo Gélin), best actor (Omar Sy) and best movie. César nominations will be announced next week on 25 January. I think this movie is worth the nominations.

Well César award nomination or not, this movie is worth to watch.


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