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Brand yourself!

Personal Branding

Do you really know what people think of you? Does it match with who you are?  This post is about how you can influence the way people see you. Many people are well aware of their own presence but haven’t taken the most out of it. Personal branding is a tool to enhance that. This post is my share of how to brand yourself based of theories I read, models I used in my work and my own experience. I try to describe it without getting trapped in marketing terms. Here we go.

To brand yourself you need to know who you are first, what your identity is. In the figure below you see how identity is built. To make it easier for you, make a map of your identity. Draw it. Be true to yourself, don’t cheat. Have anyone ever noticed that you have changed? According to this figure it is possible while you don’t feel that way at all. For example you change because of new ambition or new friends. You change because your interests have broaden. Without you are really aware of it, things in your surrounding define who you are. They influence you. Sometimes you can do something about it (choosing friends carefully or training new skills, facing your weaknesses) but sometimes you can’t (ethnicity). When you are done with identifying who you are, get to the next step.

How to define your own identity, identity

Brand yourself
I try to show how it works by making the figure below. Building your personal brand is literally blending your identity with your (strived) image. Funnily in Bahasa Indonesia it is called Jaim an abbreviation of Jaga Image (protecting your image). In this context jaga image is similar to maintaining your personal brandTo learn what your existed image is, ask your spouses, partners, friends, families, colleagues to tell you how they see you. Remember, they need to give you honest answer and you have to stay cool about it. Even when their feedback is negative. What you’ll hear is your existed image. From that point, you know how others see you in a good and bad way. Then ask yourself how you want others to see you. Enlist what you want others to think about you. What is unique, original about you, your X-factor. Once again, for this you need to stay true to yourself. Be realistic with the strived image though. Don’t put things which are not you because they would be hard to maintain. Weaknesses and fears may be bad things. Show these less but don’t hide them. Including these make you look human to whom people can relate. When your strived image is all shiny and colourful, this would scare people off. All the whole package, the good and the bad plus the X-factor, combined together forms your brand!

Once you have defined your personal brand, build it. Adjust your online bio accordingly on your social media accounts, your CV and other information about you online. Tell the world what you want to enhance, your strived image. Show them who you are. Take good care of your brand. Monitor it and strengthen it faithfully. When a change occurs in your identity and you want to enhance it, adjust your brand immediately.

Personal Branding

Do I need it?
Branding yourself is important especially when you go job hunting. It allows companies to know you better in a short time. For bloggers personal branding is necessary as it helps to gain new readers and setting a better positioning towards other bloggers. Once you have set your brand, it will help you in the writing process. You would know which stories to tell and how to present them.

There was time that personal branding was seen as narcissistic. Not so long ago, blogging was more or less the medium of social networking. Now, with countless social networks and overwhelming feeds, it is highly recommended to excel yourself above others. Saying this, it is important to define your brand and loyally use it on various social networks you’re on. This will show a clear red line when people Google your name. Of course personal branding is not exclusively for job seekers and bloggers only, it is also useful for everyone to learn how to present oneself because everyone has a brand. You are your own brand. The question is: would you like to exploit it.

I write this post this time of the year. Some people use this moment to evaluate what they have done and what they plan to do in the coming year. I hope this might help. Good luck with your personal branding!

39 thoughts on “Brand yourself!

  1. Great POV, mbak. Selama ini aku liat ini di kuliah marketing doang, the branding dan positioning. Aku suka kalimat ‘Once again, for this you need to stay true to yourself’ . Karena gimanapun jangan sampe ‘bohongin’ orang kan, jadi gap antara dunia maya dan dunia nyata bener-bener minimal. Dan somehow kalimatmu ngingetin kalau setiap kita unik dan nggak usah berusaha menyenangkan semua orang lah ya, positioning itu kan juga jelas berarti bahwa setiap kita cocoknya ya sama beberapa kelompok saja. Ada kalimatmu yg bikin aku jadi kepikiran nulis sesuatu karena ini. Ijin link ya meski gak langsung hubungannya sama tulisan ilmiah begini hihihi. *merasa tak bersalah baca tulisan begini pas ngerjain thesis*

    • Makasih Sondang. Orang yang strived imagenya mau terlalu sempurna atau bohong ngga klop dengan identitasnya, biasanya akan kena batunya sendiri, kebohongannya terbongkar atau ya ngga ada yang bisa/mau relate kemereka. Untuk ukuran seleb kondang ini bisa menambah jumlah haters mereka, contohnya Gwyneth P, Beyoncé atau seleb Indonesia Agnes M. Contoh ini aku liat dari sudut pandang aku menurut image building mereka ya, I am not a fan nor hater of these three.

      Untuk orang biasa seperti kita yang juga blogger malah nilai plus untuk membuka siapa kita dalam positioning. Jadi strived imagenya ya yang wajar aja, dipoles dikit ok, kebanyakan polesannya terlalu mengkilat nanti, menyilaukan orang ;-).

      Silahkan kalo mau link, kirim aku ya link ttg ini. Aku suka ngikutin diskusi tentang ini, mau ilmiah atau santai karena ini kerjaanku sehari-hari (online corporate branding).

  2. Interesting, relevant subject :).

    Speaking about personal branding I think of Andy Warhol. And I don’t like it. While artists like van Gogh are genuine, to me Andy Warhol has an odour of a con-artist around him.

    No doubt I’m old fashioned but I think that after the usual juvenile struggling to find one’s identity, personal public branding as an adult IS dubiously narcissistic. It apparently fits our days and times – which I think is a shame. Though It may further one’s chances in one’s career, it almost by definition is partly a fake identity.

    • Kalo kita ngga menentukan brand kita sendiri, di figur terakhir itu termasuk situasi average. Sayang kan kalo orang lain yang nentuin brand kita.

  3. Well, actually some people can simply judge you without any damn care about the phillosophy about it…
    that’s why there’s such “manusia melihat rupa”, aku juga msih srg terjebak yg bgini sih…..
    tp sebernernya salut sih sama org2 yg bs punya’personal branding’ yg agak beda dibanding org kebanyakan, contohnya salah satu dosenku, dia dokter spesialis (cowo), pake anting metal bolong, tatoan n dia pake tangan pendek klo di klinik…….
    tp hmm, speaking about personal branding, i can’t barely sure weather i get it clear either from my patients or my blog readers????

    • Nah kalo kita ngga spin personal branding kita sendiri, others will do it for us. Di diagram ketiga itu yang sebelah kanan, average.

      Personal branding is about being the essential and real you. Kalo dosen kamu begitu ya original dia. Dan untuk kamu sendiri: untuk pasien kamu you are a dentist who cooks and for fellow bloggers and your readers: you are a cooking dentist. Udah bagus Ded, klop banget 🙂

  4. This is a very interesting post. May I add one more? Color and avatar could help for personal branding. It’s like when you use one avatar long enough, people will starting to remember you better. =)
    But of course it’s not as important as being true to ourselves, saying what’s in our mind and speak up. =)

  5. Your post is spot on! So many people don’t realize the importance of personal branding. Little do they know it can be a deal breaker on the job market. This post did a great job going through the advantages of having a personal brand, not just for a job seeker but for anyone. If more people tried googleing themselves they would be surprised at the things they can find on the internet that is available for anyone to see.. scary!!

    • Thank you. It’s true that when one doesn’t doe personal branding others will do it for him/her. That results in bad first impression online. And thanks for stopping by.

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  7. hi mbaa.. udah lama ga berkunjung. hehe..
    bagus bngt entry ini.. aku jg kdang2 ga tau nih how to position myself kadang2..
    mungkin aku bakal coba si mapping itu.. hopefully i can know myself better. haha..
    thanks for posting this. =)

    • Hi Jen, Welcoma back. Ini ngaruh banget loh. Coba deh. Aku aja setiap beberapa tahun mapping lagi dan tanya keorang tentang image & identity. It is very helpful. Sama-sama & good luck with it!

  8. mbak yo, nyuwun sewu ya…saya share ini di akun FB saya sebelum mbak bales. saya baca berkali-kali. posting yang ini ngena banget mbak….-matursuwun-

  9. we’ve got to be fully honest in doing self-branding… isn’t it?

    salam kenal yah mbak..
    mbaknya orang advertising yah? 😀

    • Betul, supaya self branding optimal
      sebaiknya jujur scan diri sendiri, bukan hanya fokus ke hal yang bagus aja.

      Saya praktisi marketing komunikasi, lebih ke online strategi bukan di advertising. Salam kenal juga.

      • wah.. pantes aja postingannya berbobot. ternyata expert di bidangnya. 🙂

        kebetulan banget mbak.. aku kemarin sempet dua kali dipanggil digital agency buat posisi digital strategic.. jujur aku sih seneng banget, cuma sayang aku belum berani ambil, karena masih ngerasa knowledge-ku belum cukup.

        kalo aku mau belajar, berarti bisa dong yah nanya2 ke mbaknya? hehe.. :))

  10. Mba Yo. Postingannya keren. Detail dan sangat informatif. Kelihat dari post kalau Mba sangat paham dunia ini.

    Semalam diskusi sama admins, mengenai ini sih secara gak langsung. Nita kasih link ini. Personal branding. Kalau ada pertanyaan boleh gak mba aku wa?

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