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A headless horseman

I have been following Fox’s new series Sleepy Hollow. After watching the fourth episode yesterday I decided to go on with the rest of the first season. 20131011-231558.jpg

To be clear, this serie is different than Johnny Depp’s Sleepy Hollow.

The story is quite absurd actually. There is this British guy, Ichabod Crane who fought with George Washington in 1776. During a fight Crane was stabbed to death but he succeeded beheaded the man who attacked him.


That man is the death itself. The man is actually one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse as described in the bible’s Revelation. He came to this modern era, searching for his own head. Along with him came Crane as well.


To make it more absurd, Crane’s wife, who turned out to be a witch, hide the horseman’s head somewhere in a little town called Sleepy Hollow. In this town lieutenant Abbey Mills from the local police, arrested Crane. Soon they become partners trying to stop the headless horseman. There is something Abbey experienced in her youth which dragged her into this.

This serie is interesting because I love costume, history based series. Although the history facts are far to be found, Sleepy Hollow is quite entertaining for its technique. The storyline is mwahhh, ridiculous really. It is suggested Ichabod Crane helped George Washington with the war in 1776 in the pilot episode. Crane’s wife was burned during the Witch hunt. In the fourth episode the storyline goes crazier, Ichabod Crane was the one who started The Boston Tea Party!

The reason I watch this is only looking at Ichabod Crane (British actor Tom Mison). Afterall I am a sucker for beautiful, well articulated men with British accent.


6 thoughts on “A headless horseman

  1. british accent really is my favorite~ an irresistible charm of those so-called English Gentleman lol ❤

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