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Pass it on

It’s October, the month of breast cancer awareness. I have a feeling I have read many information about this disease. In fact I wrote about this campaign for breast cancer awareness in 2008, 2009 and 2010. In 2011 Dutch Pink Ribbon Foundation had a major problem to deal with. The generated fund was not fully spent on breast cancer research. The money was on the other hand used for the breast cancer awareness only. This was the reason I stopped paying attention to Pink Ribbon/breast cancer awareness campaign and activities related.


But then Angelina Jolie went public with her double mastectomy last May. In June my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4. This made me write this post.

Breast cancer awareness campaign as a comodity
I was truly disappointed about Dutch Pink Ribbon’s financial scandal. Their campaign had set foot on the ground. Many brands & companies participated in it. Then I started to read the objection of breast cancer patients. They felt and still feel their disease has been used for making profit. I can relate to this, you know. It is confronting enough to suffer from this. From all those flashy gala parties for the pink charities, How many of them do really contribute to researches for the better cure? I do not know. Or perhaps I just write rubbish here.


What is really known is that 1 out of 8 women will develop breast cancer in her life. As a matter of fact, when I tell people about my terminally ill sister, they tell me in return they know someone who also suffers from breast cancer. I say this very often and am not tired of repetition: Ladies, examine your breast monthly after having your period.

PS My sick sister is doing fine. She booked some progress last month. Yesterday she went to the clinic for her monthly check up. The cancer continues to shrink. Her doctor even advised her to start exercising. Big news for her. Nana, I send my prayer for you.


12 thoughts on “Pass it on

  1. Wah, semoga segera sehat ya, Nana…
    Kanker payudara ini akan selalu jadi momok yang menakutkan buat kita ya, mbak. Dan heran, tiap tahun jumlah penderitanya makin banyak. Gaya hidup yang makin tak sehat-kah, penyebabnya? Well, katanya kanker ini nggak bisa dipastikan penyebabnya apa, ya.. Dan baru baca link yg tentang vest dokter warsito itu. Mahal kah harganya?

    • Terima kasih Fit. Iya, sayangnya tiap tahun semakin meningkat angka penderita kanker type apapun. Apa ini karena gaya hidup atau karena penyakit sekarang lebih cepet dideteksi? Ngga tahu deh.

      Setahuku vest dr Warsito itu sewaan bukan beli. Vest ini dibuat sesuai kebutuhan sipasien. Jadi waktu konsultasi ke klinik dr Warsito pertama kali pasien harus bawa hasil tes lab & oncology. Nah berdasarkan hasil ini vestnya dibuat ditempat. Harga sewanya tergantung desain vestnya. Adikku kalo ngga salah sewa untuk Rp 3 juta sampe sembuh. Prakteknya rame dan harus buat janji sebelumnya. Kalo perlu info lebih banyak bisa aku kirim per email.

  2. Whattt take an advantages from the cancer patients? Gosh!
    Please, send my sympathy and my prayer to your sister and I hope she will better from day to day 🙂

    • Thanks. Semakin kesini di Belanda semakin kehura-huranya aja, sayang sekali. Padahal kampanyenya udah semakin dikenal masyarakat luas.

  3. Alhamdulillah, semoga sodaranya lekas pulih ya mbak. Aku ngeri banget kalo udah denger kanker ini … semoga dijauh2kan dari penyakit ya mbak

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