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Seasongram: Autumn 2013

My favorite season is definitely the autumn. I really love it when nature slowly prepares itself for a long sleep. The colour tones are fabulous. They invite me to take a snap everytime I see them. It helps that I go to work by bike (7 km one way). There are different 3 routes I normally take. These provide beautiful spots.

Below is nature’s transformation as I captured with my iPhone during my out and about. All the pics were not edited, only layered an Instagram filter on. They have been shared on my Instagram account.


This pic was taken at the first week of September. I stopped at little wooden bridge to capture this idyllic creek with the sunlight.

5 weeks ago it rained in the morning for 10 minutes. I took my raincape on and left on my bike. 8 minutes later on the rain stopped. The sky was cleared and got a company from the rainbow. Absolutely breathtaking. I pulled over on the bike path, grabbed my phone and clicked on the button. This is my fastest bike2work route.

During a lunch break 3 week ago, exactly on Friday 13 September I walked on Koningstraat, in Arnhem where I work. Then I saw this. I a hurry I took my phone from my coat’s pocket, afraid the woman would pass too soon and pressed on the button. Love the colour tones and the light fall.

Four days later, the temperature reached 21 degree Celsius which was very comfortable at this time of the year. I took this route, along the farms and creeks.

This is located only 2 minutes from the previous pic. I took the pic from from a high dyke/biking path. This is a pear and apple yard. It looks like Farmville, right?

Two weeks ago the temperature was still comfortable (18 degree Celsius). The sky was blue but the colour tone started to change a bit.

The leaves are falling now. I can’t wait to see the typical brown, goldish autumn tone. Till the next Seasongram!


31 thoughts on “Seasongram: Autumn 2013

  1. Cantiikk banget, Mba πŸ™‚ ngeliat gambar2nya jadi kangen Belanda, banyak yang bilang musim yang paling cantik emang autumn, warna daun2nya selaluu enak dipandang…

  2. waaaaa kereen πŸ˜€
    pelanginya bisa kefoto gitu kak? πŸ˜€
    sodara aku juga banyak yang di Belanda, kata mereka autumn nya baguus *ngiri*
    di Indo masih musim kemarau aja nih =”))

      • waaaaaa~ di sini susah dapet pelangi yang bagus =/
        /mungkin salah kamera hpnya juga sih/
        belom kak Yo -_-
        baru masuk musim kemarau kemaren september ahahahaa

      • ihhhhh mauuuuu pake bangett. hihihi amiin, doakan yah mba spy taun dpn bs honeymoon kedua disana. *nabung dulu*
        Beneraan mba banyak tiket promo bulan segituu? Oh iya, kl Maret-Mei itu lg musim apa mba disana?

        • Hampir semua airline yang ke Eropa ya promo. Maret – Mei sampe Juni itu musim semi disini. Bagus banyak bunga.

  3. Wooow aku baru liat, bagus2 banget Mba fotonya, emang autumn paling bagus sih ya, sayang aja di Jakarta enggak ada mba hahaha

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