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First postcard

I received my first postcard ever from Sweden yesterday. Fascha sent me this as a reward because she found my explanation adequate on her question about synonim words.


A nice postcard and a sweet gesture of her, don’t you think? Fascha also wrote a text in Swedish on the back. Surprisingly, being a Dutch speaking person I recognized some words: Tack för förklaringen: Thanks for the explanation.


This blog has been up and running again since September last year. This and because of sharing & following which has never been so easy before, brings me new blogbuddies to make an acquintance with. One of them is Fascha, an Indonesian blogger in Stockholm, Sverige ( Sweden). Thanks Fascha for the postcard!

6 thoughts on “First postcard

    • Yes, it is more personal as we have more efforts to do it. Picking up the postcard, writing it and put stamps on it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Eh aku baca tuh penjelasan kamu soal “mau” dan “pengen” kalo nggak salah ya dan emang comprehensive banget sih. You deserve a medal even! Hahaha

    • Thank you May. 4 years struggling on Grammar learning French in the university defintely has paid off now kalo sampe bisa jelasin grammar bahasa lain yang gampang dimengerti pembaca :-).

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