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Last week I was lucky to be asked for following a workshop trial from Adrian Sommeling. It was not an ordinary workshop but one which can help me making a digital artwork like I show in this post. Adrian Sommeling is an emerging Dutch digital artist. His works were published in various European photomagazines. His numbers of fans are growing. Yet Adrian remains a humble and nice person. He replies to every comment on his Facebook fanpage.

I was privileged to follow his trial workshop because his wife is a friend of mine. Although I told him I would not be able to apply this technique since I only take pics of food, landscape and architecture, I learned a lot from this basic workshop. It is given in Adobe Photoshop CS5. The steps were easy to follow. All pics used for this must be shot in RAW. Before applying the pics in differents layers, they must be edited first color and light wise. One must have patience though as some techniques require steady hand and time. I would gladly recommend this workshop to those aspiring digital artists in Europe.

This is Adrian, reaching out for a flower.

This is me, photographed by Adrian on site during the workshop. He then pasted me on a background which he had it ready. Look at the lights and details. It looks like I really stand there.

One thing I would like to emphasize here is following this workshop won’t make you instantly in a digital artist like Adrian. Use your creativity, apply your own ideas and conceptualize them. Then with the help of his tips you’ll get there.

What I love about his works is the daily theme. He presents our daily situations in an absolutely unthinkable way. Look at the works here.

Adrian often uses his son Nic as his model. Nic is an adorable photogenic boy who is not afraid of posing.







Here is the Men at work series.






The making of
Adrian shares tutorials on YouTube. Here is one from the first pic above:

If I have time for concepting I will try to do this by myself and share it here. Just wait and be patient.

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