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How can we end our fossil fuel addiction by 2050?

Last week I went to Amsterdam by train and realised that all Dutch trains run on wind energy starting from 1 January this year. Forced by the size and limited natural resources Dutch people take sustainability seriously. They have this constant struggle against water. Now with the fossil fuel decreasing, alternatives are sought after. These past couple of years I have seen more and more electric cars on the street, either riding or charging on a charge station.

Not only have fossil fuel resources become more difficult to find, consumption of fossil fuel causes air pollution which is not good for the environment. However, this infographic below shows how can we end our fossil fuel addiction by 2050? Renewable and clean energy development is happening now. Perhaps I won’t live that long to witness this with my own eyes, I could only hope next generations will succeed replacing the fossil fuel in the future.


Infographic is courtesy of Arbtech

Further read on renewable energy, visit renewable energy


11 thoughts on “How can we end our fossil fuel addiction by 2050?

  1. This is indeed one of the many reasons why I love the Netherlands 🙂 . Even KLM is known as the “greenest” airline in the world, as it is the airline who uses a lot of bio-fuel for their birds 🙂 .

    • A little country with exciting innovations born out of urge now the people here in NL don’t know better than being innovative.

  2. I am a firm supporter of green energy, ie: Germany has started long ago with solar panels energy for their households. It’s great and I’m super happy that we are in NL becoming more and more aware and using renewable energy! On the side note : hope that the new elected US President would think the same too about combating the climate change☹️☹️just read that US is going to pull their involvement from Paris agreement.

  3. Go Green! I think it means they buy the electricity from wind turbine powered electricity farm isn’t it? I have always thought of Indonesia. With plenty of water, wind & sunlight, we can certainly be the greenest country in the world if we have people working hard to make this happens.

    • Yes it is. Yep, agree but on the other hand with the land’s richness of natural sources, our countrymen aren’t used to seek for innovations. And what bothers me is most Indonesians are stuck in discussing the belief instead of focusing on making the country great. It has potentials indeed.

  4. Kalau di Indonesia, ada banyak potensi sumber alternatif energi, seperti geotermal, angin, matahari, air,dan biomassa. Mungkin ada yang lainnya juga. Selama dikembangkan dengan optimal, seharusnya sih gak usah terlalu kuatir.

    Untuk skala rumah di Indonesia, sudah ada beberapa perusahaan yang menjual jasa instalasi solar panel, lumayan buat penerangan. Yang challenging itu kayaknya untuk memenuhi kebutuhan energi industri dan transportasi.

    Btw, nice post! Salam kenal,Mba Yoyen 🙂

  5. Netherlands is a step ahead of many countries in terms of safe living in environmental aspects. It is because they work for the welfare of the society. I mean which city has a bicycle town? Not many.

    On other hand, there are many automobile companies which are jumping into the field of electric vehicles. That’s a great option we have now. Both to experience the future and save the fossil fuels.

  6. As i am wondering of how we can stop utilizing fossil fuel.. i think there are several natural resources that we can harness to reduce fossil fuel. solar power, wind turbines, water turbines.. they are among several examples of green and friendly energy…

    in order to discover new energy resources… we will have a long journey to go before we can find innovations or technology which will be sustainable and friendly environment to save our earth. for instance, there are relatively a new power plant developed in Indonesia, mainly “Waste Power Plant of Bantar Gebang” (Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Sampah Bantar Gebang). This power plant uses waste from Home Industry (in particular). The Waste then will be delivered to the power plant. then the garbage collector will be paid in exchange of the waste they’ve collected. then the waste itself will be undergo several phases until they are ready to be an electric energy.

    The benefit of this power plant is reducing total home industry waste and comparatively cheap… which is currently a government issue. while hydro power plant completely depends on total debit (total debit means water, and water relies on rain season in Indonesia. and Head (which is overall constant), the waste power plant today is a reliable solution for urban areas in which have a waste issue. in addition, this will become an economic solution for society about.

    Note : Thank You for reading my writing and comments. please correct my English if i am wrong. I highly appreciate your review and comments 🙂

    • Thank you for explaining about the situation in Indonesia. In The Netherlands where I live, there are other renewable energy other than fossil fuel.

      By the way, pay good attention to the use of capital letter. There is a general rule in every written language to always start a sentence with capital letter. In English, the word I is always written in capital letter, even when it is in the middle of a sentence. Furthermore, you wrote the word then in the third alinea three times. If you could, try to seek another work for it. For the rest, your English is ok. These are not major mistakes. They have more to do with your writing style.

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