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I am here folks

I am here folks. If you have missed my posts, I am here. As a blogger I have committed myself to update this online home regularly that is why I find it pretty lame that I can’t meet this requirement I set myself. I owe it to you, readers of this blog. Oh and I gladly welcome new readers, soyez le bienvenu ici.

This is the cause of it:  I have been busy at work, routines, parenting, recharging and social functions after office hours. On top of that, this hay fever I have been suffering from the past 6 weeks, seems to stay put. 

Firstly, work. I seldom share about my work here as I blog on personal title. However, the reason for my absence here is a big event coming up next week-end. It has to do with cycling sport which is huge in Europe. The three big cycling races in Europe or dare I say in the world are Tour de France, Giro d’ Italia and La Vuelta Spain. Tour de France and Giro d’ Italia always start in another country before they proceed the race in France or Italy.

Last year, Tour de France started in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The start of Giro d’Italia this year takes place in The Netherlands as well, in Apeldoorn, Arnhem & Nijmegen. The preparations have been going on since 2014. Now I am crossing my fingers hoping for good weather when the cyclists pass through from 6 – 8 May. This is the teaser. I will be working then, managing the online reach of the event. Perhaps if I have time during breaks, I will share it on my instagram account @yoyen2008.

Talking about the weather, it seems like the winter doesn’t want to leave the atmosphere. Most of North West European countries are struggling with the cold. Normally it is 15 – 17 degree Celsius in the Low Lands this time of the year but the thermometer only hits 6 degree Celsius. Up north, the snow fell, it was as if Christmas came late! When I was in London last January, it was warmer then. Crazy and scary to think that this is a sign of global warming. I don’t like it!

I'm here

This is what I like. After a pause of more than 6 months, I started to do food photography again. As I prefer to use natural light for food photography this passion was neglected during the winter. When I came home it was already dark and I didn’t want to use artificial light. This absence of suitable moments to produce food photography resulted in an unplanned hiatus from my food blog Lo Foodie (in Bahasa Indonesia only). I am sincerely sorry for this.

But worry not, I am determined to pick up this passion where I left it. Baking, cooking, foodstyling and photography work therapeutic for me. These are what I prepared and shot the past two weeks. All food are homemade and edible.

Flammkuche or tarte flambรฉe (Pizza Alsatian style) with smoked salmon & crรจme fraรฎche.

Simple fried noodles

Fluffy divine choux (puff pastries) with custard filling inside.

That was my latest update for now. I hope I get my clear mind again to explore the sources for finishing the drafts posts on the dashboard. I missed Music Monday, the moment to write about Indonesian president’s visit to The Netherlands last week, about the legendary Prince who passed away, about John Legend’s wife mommy shaming and many more. Perhaps I am going to share my thoughts about these anyway, consider it as a promise.

Meanwhile, I wish you a good and relaxing week-end!



48 thoughts on “I am here folks

  1. Hai mba yo, saya sering menunggu kira-kira apa yang akan mbo yo ceritakan karena mba yo sering menceritakan hal baru yang bahkan saya belum pernah dengar sebelumnya, seperti post tentang nama kemarin. Global warming climate change jadi bahasan antara saya dan karib saya dan kami ngeri. Bulan lalu Jakarta hujan setiap hari sekarang sudah tidak lagi, waspada penyakit DBD juga. Semoga kita diberi kesehatan. Selamat berakhir minggu :).

    • Ya, karena aku kan kalo nulis banyak baca sumber jadi karena sibuk, sampe rumah udah cape, males mikir dulu. Selamat akhir pekan!

  2. Mba Yo…. I miss ur posts (psssst … esp in lofoodie) lagi bener2 butuh inspirasi baking2 and masak2 lagi nih mba Yo! Aku lagi kehilangan semangat ngeblog tapi maksain diri buat ngepost at least 1x per minggu. Kalau totally ga ngeblog bener2 makin lost rasanya. Membalas komen yg belum kelar2 nih.. *ihhh gaya bener yak*

    Enjoy ur weekend mba…and waiting for your posts patiently here ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. klo liat IG mba soal makanan, ya ampun ngiler banget hehe..
    lagi dingin lagi ya? serem ya klo denger2 tanda2 global warming ini..
    Prettig weekend Mba ๐Ÿ˜˜

  4. ah tour de france….very interesting. saya juga berharap semoga lo foodie aktif lagi..
    have a nice weekend to you too mba

  5. Uhuy! Looking forward to some of your foodie posts mbak! And I hope you feel better from the hay fever soon and that Spring can start properly in your part of the world!

  6. Penasaran sama kunjungan Pak Jokowi Mba heheh.. Dan yap kangen Lo Foodie juga pastinya ๐Ÿ˜Š selamat berakhir pekan Mba

  7. Wah gak tau kalau mbak Yoyen abis sakit. Semoga sekarang udah fully recovered ya, Mbak. Senang Mbak Yoyen aktif ngeblog lagi. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Belum Cha, aku kena hooikoorts (hayfever), alergi serbuk sari. Jadi kerja sih tetep tapi tht ngga enak, mata perih dan badan lemes.

  8. The fever season strikes back again, indeed. A few people in my office start to have runny noses (again). Get well soon!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Iya mba di sweden, kemaren2 ini turun salju dan hujan es (kerikil es) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    btw foto makanannya keren mbak.. liat makanannya jadi pengen..hehe!

    • Nonton ya Fe. Jumat big start & prologue di Apeldoorn. Sabtu start di Arnhem, finish Nijmegen. Minggu start Nijmegen, finish Arnhem.

  10. mba yooooo. aku suka banget perpaduan scarf BW sm coat cokelat di depan red phonebooth ituuu.
    welcome back, mbaa. aku jg nih merasa malu jd ga konsisten blogging krna kerjaan. mksi mbaa post ini jd bkn aku semangaat buat konsisten.

      • hi Mbaa Yo. Alhamdulillah baik mbaa. iya sejak balik dr Indo kinda adapt lg sm hidup di Indo mba dan kerjaan. skrg sdh lmyan settled jd mau rutin hihi. mb ap kbrnyaa?

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