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MM: Vesoul

A couple of weeks ago a fellow blogger, Febi, went on vacation to Honfleur. A coastal town in the province of Normandy, north of France. While she was there she posted a couple of pictures on her Instagram to which I commented that those reminded me of Jacques Brel’s song, Vesoul. In the song, Honfleur is mentioned.

Jacques Brel was a Belgian singer. Born in Schaarbeek, Belgian Flanders (Dutch speaking region) Brel sang most of his songs in French. He is considered as French chansonier.

Vesoul is a town in Haute-Saône department  in eastern France. It was my basecamp during the dancegroup tour in 1997. I had stayed there for 10 to 14 days. The song itself is a funny one. It is about a man who travels to several cities (among others Vesoul, Honfleur, Hamburg, Antwerp, Paris etc.) with his girlfriend. She wants to visit all those places while he doesn’t. Read the translation of the lyrics in English.

Listen to this Brel’s masterpiece, close your eyes and let the song bring you to all those places.

Chauffe Marcel, chauffe!


2 thoughts on “MM: Vesoul

  1. Pas mbak Yo kasih tahu waktu itu di IG lgs aku cari di iMusic 🙂

    kemarin malam aku buka postingan ini terus kita ngedengerin lagi lagu ini sampai ke related2 video nya, sampe ketiduran berduaan :))

    Txs for sharing 🙂

    • You’re welcome. Akordeonnya yang bikin Perancis banget di lagu ini, selain bahasanya tentu. Fe, Udah denger lagunya Brel Ne me quitte pas? Itu sedih & nelangsa banget baik teks maupun melodynya.

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