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Good life

Due to the pandemic and the travel restrictions applied, in May my family and I cancelled our summer holiday in Portugal. Originally we would spend 3 weeks there in July/early August. When the curve in The Netherlands decreased in June and after adding some considerations, we decided to book a holiday. The choice fell on the Dutch southern province of Zeeland as we did not want to go out abroad. This was the first time we spent almost a week on holiday here at our home country.

After browsing a couple of accommodations, we finally booked a house in the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen/Dutch Flanders region. It was almost 3 hours ride from our place. The house is located in a street called Goedleven in a village of Waterlandkerkje. Goedleven means Good life in Dutch. And what a good life it was indeed. Here are some pics I took with my phone.

Adjacent to the house, there is quite a yard with two apple trees, a pear tree and a plum tree. I loved to walk on it almost every day.

Surrounded by dikes, rows of trees and corn and wheat fields, from time to time you spot from afar a windmill, a sluice or a water tower. As long as you can see, the land is flat and low. That is where the country gets its name from; The Netherlands, the Low Lands.

This is a neigbouring house to the right. In the morning.

The same scenery during sunset. The tranquility and peaceful sphere present while enjoying this golden hour was blissfull.

The garden with typical Dutch rurals on the background. It is beautiful and very calming. There is a bbq grill available.

The kitchen is an eye-catcher of the house, It is well-equipped, guests can cook or bake like I did.

Nice detail of the rooster for the wind direction. If you are curious about the rest of the house, visit its page on AirBnB. The host is so friendly, hospitable & flexible. My family and I would love to come back one day.

This tiny house stands behind the main house I rent. It is from the same owner.

We had an excellent stay there. Please note, the location is on the countryside, having your own transportation is a must as the closest supermarket for groceries is 10 – 15 minutes ride depending on to which nearest village you go, The Belgian or the Dutch one.

From the house it is about 20 minutes ride to the nearest beach, Cadzand. We frequently went there for a walk. I will write more about it in the next post.

Note: This is not an endorsement from AirBnB, I paid this mini holiday myself. I write this post because I want to share this experience and to sbow you that the Dutch countryside is worth exploring.

14 thoughts on “Good life

  1. Habis nikah kan aku juga ambil libur ekstra 3 hari. Selama tiga hari itu aku nggak ngapa2in, nggak masak, kerjaannya tiap hari keluar rumah, pergi ke pantai, window shopping, makan di restoran, ngebar di beach bar… gitu aja udah menyenangkan banget, serasa liburan di kota sendiri.

      • Betul mbak, selain itu juga karena tengah2 musim panas, pasti susah nyari akomodasi kalau mau nginap di luar kota. Jadi kami di 070 aja deh.

  2. Pengen ah next time kesini. Saat ini Netherland termasuk daerah beresiko buat Jerman, harus karantina kalau balik dari NL 😦

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