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A secret garden

Did you know Marrakech has a secret garden? In the Mouassine district there lies le Jardin Secret. From outside tourists would have passed it by if they do not pay attention. Le Jardin Secret used to be a palace, built first in the half of the XVIth century. The last one who lived in the palace was al-Hajj Muhammad Loukrissi, the chamberlain of Sultan Moulay ‘Abd-al-Hafiz. After Loukrissi died in 1934, the palace fell into despair. Since 2008 a huge renovation started, resulting in the re-opening of this secret garden in 2016.

Le Jardin Secret is fairly a beautiful garden. It is serene while it offers a number of plant, carefully placed and set. This is what visitors see after the entry.

Take a good look at the walls, there is Moroccan famous technique applied, the tadelakt stucco. I adore it!

The tiles are amazing combined with terracotta tadelakt wall.

The idea seems like a riad to me, a palace with a water element. This is the inner part of the garden after visitors pass the terracotta walls. There is this pavillion in the middle and on the right side you see a minaret, a tower.

Transition terrace to the inner part. Behind this wall are the terracotta walls.

According to my guide, Le Jardin Secret is rebuilt based upon the principle of an Islamic garden which means there must be water, sensory plants (here represented by oranges and lavenders), palms and other elements. Furthermore the Islamic garden is a metaphor of heaven.

Situated in the center of the garden, this pavillion breathes life with water running through the marble fountain. I was intrigued by the motives at the ceiling, they are so breath-taking.

When you have a chance to visit Le Jardin Secret, buy the ticket for the tower. On the top of it you may be able to see the city view and the Atlas mountains. From there too you will notice how rigid the lines in the garden are, designed fully according to the principle of geometry in an Islamic garden. When the garden was a palace, there was a hammam in the tower.

And this was where the residents used to live. Now you can see some pictures and info about the site and its famous residents.

Le Jardin Secret is highly recommended to visit. It is very different from Le Jardin Majorelle. Both gardens are alluring but each has its own charm.

Le Jardin Secret is located in the medina of Marrakech at Rue Mouassine 121.

4 thoughts on “A secret garden

  1. Morocco is in the upper list of my bucket list and I’ve seen SO many pics from my friends’ travels, but I don’t think I’ve seen this le Jardin Secret on anyone’s feed before. C’est un beau jardin indeed 🙂 The terracotta wall is my fav element!

    • Whenever leisure travel is up and running again, you should come to Marrakech. There are so many to see, inhale, touch and taste.

  2. I’ve never known that Marrakech had a secret garden. What I know is its carpet market 🙂
    It’s nice to see the secret garden. Do people have to pay entrance fees to get inside?

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