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How are you? Part two

Now that the curve in some countries has flattened or gradually decreased, the measurements have been lifted. So, this is my second post asking you, how are you? Me and my family are ok under the circumstances.

Many have happened regarding the confinement. The world-famous musicians Instagram concerts, good deeds of people, Italians and Spaniards singing in their balconies. People try their best to stay sane. There are various ways to keep your sanity and luckily, there is also not one single manual dictating us how to do it. It is seeing and trying what fits you best personally.

This post is dedicated to those with unseen sufferings during the pandemic.

I imagine for some of you who are used to (micro) plan your schedule, the past weeks must have been hard for you. Hopefully you have discovered a way to deal with it. Those who feel lonely, may you have someone whom you can reach out. To some of us who are battling mental health issues right now, my thoughts are with you.

In this dark, narrow tunnel, there is light on the other side. We keep walking towards it.

Photo by Corina Ardeleanu on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “How are you? Part two

  1. Amin, mbak. I struggled during the first two weeks. Keeping myself confined in my house with a partner was really hard. My emotion went upside down because I had no place to vent or to take my negative emotions to (I usually took a stroll to the city centre, alone, if I got too pented up at home). Now we’re doing better, and I am already in the “acceptance” phase for major things.

  2. Hi Mbak, just came across your blog and I’ve really enjoyed your writings šŸ™‚
    I, too, just posted a quite long post about how this whole pandemic situation that would possibly leave a lasting effect particularly to the way we can travel affects my personal goal (and thus to some extent, my motivation to go about with life in general). I’m lucky to be able to gather with my fam during this quarantine so at least my mental health is in good hands (for now), but life is not ideal for anyone, I guess.
    Salam kenal from a new follower!

    • Hi Nabilah, nice to meet you. Yeah, this pandemic sucks and it surely has changed our (way of) life, how we see things. Above all it teaches us not to take things for granted, one can plan on everything but when a pandemic passes by, one needs to adjust and survive. Please, feel free and welcome to read my other posts if you are interested.

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