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My go-to spots in Arnhem

I love food, I am a self-proclaimed foodie. I love to eat, bake, cook and take pictures of food I prepare myself or I order at the cafe/restaurant. Since the confinement I have been missing my routine going to a cafe for a cuppa or a cappuccino with my daughter, meeting friends there chewing bitterballen together or going on date with my husband, having our weekend brunch or simply enjoying our wine together in a quiet corner of our favourite cafe.

According to Dutch government policy, cafés and restaurants are allowed to do business as long as they are able to guarantee the 1,5 meter measurement during the pandemic. Practically it means some joints are open only for takeaways and/or deliveries. There are initiatives to support this cafe/restaurant branche: support your locals. This is one in Arnhem.

This post is dedicated to my go-to spots in Arnhem in daytime where I gladly come for coffee, tea, wine and a bite or two. I hope all these establishments will survive the economic crisis which is looming now. These places are all in the vicinity of my office. Alternately I visit them once a week/two weeks. Pics were taken by my phone and previously shared on my Instagram.

De Havenmeester

De Havenmeester or The Harbourmaster. The owner is a couple who started this joint 5 years ago selling freshly made sandwiches, several of them are toast. There is no service, guests place and pay the order at the counter. When it is ready, Marcia will shout it out. Nowadays this hipstery place offers softdrinks, sweet baked goods and good coffee. My fave here on the pic is toast with spicy chorizo, mature cheddar and  jalapeño in it. It is called De Havenmeester because it is located in the old office of the harbourmaster of the Rhine.

During corona crisis De Havenmeester is closed.


This piece of Portugal in Arnhem went open in 2017. This tiny café serves Portuguese delicacies. People come here for breakfast, lunch and cocktail hours. Pictured are pasteís de nata, cornucopia and cappuccino. Curing my saudade to Portugal I sometimes order there croquetas de bacalhau, petiscos and vinho verde. The card is complete, the service is great and the place is intimately cozy.

During corona crisis Bomboca is open on certain days and only for a couple of hours (check their Instagram & Facebook page) respecting the 1,5 meter measurement meaning max 1 client inside only for takeaways. They encourage clients to order by mail/phone as to minimize the contact.


Bonnie is a vegan heaven. Everything on the menu is vegan here: sandwiches, cakes, cookies, salad, platters, smoothies, coffee and soft drinks. All is homemade here. The owner is a quite well-known vegan caterer in the city before she started Bonnie two years ago. For a flexitarian like me, Bonnie is welcoming. You place your order at the counter and pay cashless. First pic: mango smoothie & Belgian wafel with coconut cream and hazelnut spread. Second pic: matcha latte, cappuccino and lemon poppy seed cake. Delish!

During corona crisis Bonnie is open on certain days and only for a couple of hours (check their Instagram & Facebook page) respecting the 1,5 meter measurement meaning max 1 client inside only for takeaways.

De Staat bar en keuken

My colleagues and I regularly come here for a drink welcoming the week end. Their menu varies from the usuals for breakfast and lunch to proper dishes for dinner. I love the ambiance here. The building may look overwhelming (it is called De Waag or The Weighhouse, dated from 1768) but inside the sphere is warm, both from the decent heater in the winter and from the staff. Once in a while there is a DJ or local musicians performing here. Pictured up to bottom: bitterballen, grill nachos with cheese, guacamole and crème fraîche, cheese grilled sandwich.

During corona crisis De Staat bar en keuken is closed but it provides delivery service.

Bij Ann

Bij Ann means At Ann’s. The owner and motor of this café is Annewill. She and her partner Mehmet, started this business a year ago. I have been here a couple of times and have tried 90% of their menu. Bij Ann offers vegan variations on the menu. Everything is lekker (delicious!). When you enter it, it feels like you step in Grandma’s house. Interior is vintage with a lot of Arnhem touches. Mehmet makes the drinks and takes the orders. Ann is mostly in the kitchen, baking. She sometimes serves the bakegoods on the counter herself. Worth mentioning what I really appreciate here is free sanitary pads/napkins on ladies toilet. The place is rather tiny, for groups of more than 4 pax it is highly recommended to reserve a table.

During corona crisis Bij Ann is open on certain days (check their Instagram & Facebook page) respecting the 1,5 meter measurement meaning max 1 client inside only for takeaways. It provides delivery service as well.

Trio IJssalon

Closing this post, hereby I present you Trio IJssalon, an Italian gelateria originally established by an Italian icemaker in 1933. Today, his son and grandson continue making the artisanal gelato in this famiy business. De Lorenzo family is so lovely, it is clear that they have a heart for their gelateria. Beside ice cream clients can order dessert too. Trio IJssalon is mostly open in the season of March – October. This is my favourite combi: gianduia and pistacchio.

During coronacrisis Trio IJssalon is closed but it provides delivery service.

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