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How are you?

I am doing fine under the circumstances. To those who lost someone because of the pandemic, my sincere condolences. To you who are dealing with it right now, I hope you’d get better.

Dutch government announced the measurements on Thursday 12 March in the afternoon, a day after WHO declared coronavirus/COVID-19 officially as pandemic. Practising social distancing since Friday 13 March meaning that my family and I work from home. I do some groceries once in two days early in the morning. We avoid contact with others in order to help slowing the further spreading of the virus.

Life as we knew it before corona seems a lifetime ago. I miss it. I miss my family, friends and colleagues. I miss my daily routines. Almost everyone in my surrounding including me, try their best to cope with this. I am not sure whether I have gotten used to the situation but there is acceptance.

I believe the vaccine is on its way, the question is when. It is heartbreaking to see and read news about those who succumbed. Oh my, how I wish this calamity thriller movie we are all in together will end, soon.

In the meantime, stay healthy, safe and keep your sanity. Take care for each other.

10 thoughts on “How are you?

  1. Compared to the other countries, Sweden is way more relaxed about the measures they’re taking (or lack thereof), and it’s concerning me. Take care and stay safe Mbak.

  2. Hello, nice to read your blog. I am in Bali and the people here are still fine. I also couldn’t believe in my lifetime I have the chance to experience a global pandemic era. It reminds me to a classic novel Love in the Time of Cholera.
    Well, I wish you stay strong and stay healthy.

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