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Winter getaway: Marrakech

A month ago I flee Dutch winter for a short getaway to Marrakech, Morocco. Leaving the somber and dark Low Lands early in the morning, by the afternoon I landed in Menara Airport, it was sunny and pleasant weather at 24 degrees Celsius.

Although this was not the first time I visited Morocco, it was my first time experiencing winter there. One Morrocan colleague warned me that in the evenings the temperature could drop to to 4 – 8 degrees Celsius and that happened when I was there. Packing my suitcase was rather difficult as I wondered what to wear there. So I brought a wool cardigan, a lots of tunics and leggings. Wearing layers was the best option as I could peel the pieces off when it got warm during the day.

This is the riad where I stayed. Once I entered it, the whole space smelled of orange blossoms. The scent will forever be my reminiscence of Marrakech. Do you notice the open roof? It is covered with plastic. The personnel told me they do this in the winter in order to keep it warm and to prevent objects entering the pool during the rain. Although I had 2 hot days where the temperature soared to 27 degrees Celsius, I did not swim there. The water felt too cool. I did bring a visit to a Hamam nearby you know. It was soo relaxing and soothing.

5 days in Marrakech was adequate to explore the city, admiring its landmarks like this minnaret of Al Koutoubia mosque. This pic was taken from Jemma el Fnaa square around 9eish in the morning. Look at the locals wearing jacket and coat as it was a bit cold in the morning.

One random cafe I stumbled upon amidst exploring the small alleys at the tannerie souk. Don’t you just love the Berber carpets and decorations?

Wandering around the endless labyriths at the souks, you might find something that catch your eyes and maybe tempted to buy them.

The lively market in the morning. I enjoyed how people interacted there, vendors with locals and tourists.

This is a short post about Marrakech but there is more to come. When I was there I managed to visit a handful of spots I want to share with you here. Wacht out, more Marrakech travel stories and pics are coming, soon!

2 thoughts on “Winter getaway: Marrakech

  1. ….I also remember it being very cold first thing in the morning and then again in the evenings in March – very wise to pack a few warm things too 😊

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