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Thailand food diary, summer 2019

During my summer holiday last year in in Thailand I tried to taste as much food as possible. As someone who love to eat, my preparation visiting Thailand is by watching vlogs and reading blogs/mags about the food. After all a great number of tourists comes to visit the country to taste the (street) food, right? I managed to capture some food I had with my camera and my phone. Here they come.

This is one of uncountable Pad Thai portions I have had in Thailand. During lunch in Ayutthaya my tuktuk driver took me to this rather fancy restaurant and I ordered this among others.

Nearby my apartment in Sukhumvit area, I found a little cozy cafe who servers an array of traditional dishes. My family and I love it, we came here about 4 times. This is an appetizer, fresh spring rolls with rice paper wrap and dip sauces.

Left: Lab gai (minced spicy chicken salad), right: Tom Yum Kung (Tom Yum soup with prawn).

Lunch in Or Tor Kor market, Bangkok. It is interesting to see how similar the ingredients of Thai and Indonesia food. The preparation is sometimes slightly different with Thai cuisine focusing on the combination of spicy, sweet, sour and savoury. I had this plate of steam jasmin rice, stir-fried bamboo shoots, Isaan style sausage, stir-fried spicy minced chicken with stinky beans.

Grilling the chicken skewers at Or Tor Kor market, Bangkok.

At the night market downtown Chiang Mai, this lady prepares Som Tum salad for me.

Khanom Krok. These tiny pancakes are made from rice flour, coconut milk and sugar. On top there are various toppings such as taro or jackfruit bits. I love Khanom Krok. I bought these in one of the many food courts in Bangkok.

In Chiang Mai I frequented this aunty in the food market nearby my hotel. She makes the Khanom Krok fresh.

Another dessert; Khanom Bueang. Crispy mini crepes filled with coconut cream, topped with scallion or shredded candied egg yolk. Khanom Bueang tastes sweet savoury.

When in Chiang Mai, eating Khao Soi (curry noodles) is a must. This is a typical Chiang Mai dish. I have watched countless vlogs about this on YouTube and it turns that this Khao Soi Gai (curry noodles with chicken) is really delicious as those vloggers say.

Last pic: my daughter wanted to sip on Asian latest frenzy: the Boba tea.

It is hard to stop when talking about food so I’d better leave it here. Before this post ends, these are other food I tasted but I did not take pictures from them: Khao Niew Mamuang (Mango sticky rice), Pad See Ew (stir-fried rice noodles), Tom Kha Gai (chicken coconut soup), Noodle soup, Pad Krapow (stir-fried basil), Thai Omelette, Green curry, Red curry, Youtiau with pandan custard, Steam bun with pandan custard, fried banana. OMG, I can’t stop, I keep writing …..:-)

16 thoughts on “Thailand food diary, summer 2019

    • Hey ya! Wow, you guys are in Chiang Mai right now, I am jealous 🙂 Here storm Dennis is sweeping above the country at the moment. If I may give you suggestions: the night market at the South Gate is the best. If you are coffee afficionado I highly recommend Rist8to.

      • Hi Lorraine, many thanks for the tips on the market, we love coffee too😁 We are still in Koh Lanta at the moment but travel to Chiang Mai on Wednesday and very pleased we are missing storm Denis! I think you have asked for access to worldisouroysterblog but this is our old site, our current site is thehungrytravellers.blog so please take a look as everything has been transferred to there.

  1. Som Tam ❤ suka banget aku! Overall pengalaman makan-makan di Thailand sangat menyenangkan ya. Aku ingat makan bakso ikan di dekat BTS daerah pelabuhan feri ke Asiatique, itu enakkkkk sekali. Terus makan rujak buah mereka juga segar banget.

  2. makanan Thailand itu emang enak-enak, mau yang di restoran ataupun street food, sampai buah-buahannya enak semuaaaaa. Ngeliat tulisan Mbak Yo, jadi kangen sama makanan Thailand

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