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Bangkok Royal Grand Palace and Food

Last year I spent my summer holiday ini Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok & Chiangmai) and Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali). The holiday started with a giant hiccup. My flight to Singapore had been cancelled due to technical problems for two days. So I arrived three days later than planned at my friend’s house in Singapore. The following morning I continued travelling to Bangkok.

There is no doubt that Bangkok is a popular tourist destination. The following pics at the Royal Grand Palace show it. It was rather difficult to shoot a pic without visitors on it, so I give you my best shots. This post comes with a warning: beware! the second part of this post contains food pics. And now get ready to scroll.

Last spring I purchased a tiny mirrorless camera to substitute the heavy DSLR one I mostly carried with me. I don’t know why but since then it seems like I enjoy my travel more by taking less pictures. Furthermore if I do it, I still take pics or shoot short videos with my phone or with the camera some of which are for my private collection, they are not to be shared online.

Despite the less photographing, I have seen many interesting places there. Between the sightseeings, massages and mall-hopping there was food! I came to Thailand for (street)food and I was not disappointend.

This is Or Tor Kor Market, nearby the world-famous weekend market, Chatuchak. I went there for a lunch before visiting Chatuchak market.

Here are some curries.

The yellow one is the heavenly steamed fish with coconut curry, beside it there is tod mun pla, the savoury fish cakes.

An array of nam phrik, Thai dip spicy condiment in any thinkable variation. They really are scorching hot.

Northern style spicy sausage.

In Bangkok there are quite a big number of night markets. This one is nearby my accommodation. Snacking the grilled fish balls.

And flushing them down the throat with this Mango smoothie.

That was it folks! Until the next post.

10 thoughts on “Bangkok Royal Grand Palace and Food

    • When I was in Thailand, I had not had any food which was not delicious. Beside the streetfood, do not forget to taste the fruit. Enjoy your holiday there!

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