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Living their own lives

Yesterday evening Dutch media reported two news: the coming-out of Nikkie de Jager, worldwide known as YouTube vlogger: Nikkie Tutorials and Kimia Alizadeh: Iran’s only female Olympic medallist turned to have defected to The Netherlands.

Being a progressive country, The Netherlands have been used to coming out of people from LGBT-community for decades. The same can be said about welcoming those who flee their country, seeking for refuge. However these two women are high profile figures.

Nikkie had actually been forced to come-out due to extortions. Kimia Alizadeh seems to have had enough of hypocrisy, lies, injustice and flattery in her homecountry Iran, as she wrote in her statement on Instagram.

In her vlog Nikkie features her mother who has been supportive from day one. The way she talks about her mom, shows how unconditional love is translated in acceptance.

From the Dutch news outlets I learned that Alizadeh has been training in The Netherlands for the past month. Note: Up until now it remains unclear whether she has officially applied for an asylum. When pictures of her – attending the wake of crashed flight 752 Ukraine International Airlines – emerged on social networks last Sunday, Alizadeh uploaded an image and statement on Instagram about leaving her country. Have she thought of this action beforehand? Or have the recent developments and tensions in Iran caused this?

Relax Woman jumping sea on the beach

Thinking of Kimia Alizadeh, I see her offerings leaving her country, family and friends. Watching the outpouring support for Nikkie – which humbles her – I can imagine how liberating her coming-out is for her. Both women finally chose to live their own lives in their own terms. They succeeded in fighting their fears and step aside the obstacles and at the same time inspire others. For that bravery to take charge of your own life, public and private, I salute them!

Image is from Freepik.

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