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Why follow in the first place?

Internet could be very useful but at the same time it could be a dark, scary place. There is a space in between for those who want to play it safe with edges touching both sides.

In my online existence and presence I have experienced some people who follow me online. Some are against my views which are purely my own opinions. Others are okay with my content but gradually they advise me not to share some subjects in particular.

One thing I do not get, if you follow someone online due to their content you find interesting in the first place but all you do is commenting against it ALL THE TIME. How I see it, it seems like they try to mould content of people they follow to their own liking. then I wonder why bother following? As I personally choose not to.

I mean I follow some accounts whose content is not always on my street. This is to avoid tunneling. However I never argue or comment against them as I know this from the start. From time to time, their opinion got me thinking and serves as a reflection of that of my own. When some of my following share content which does not fit in my own frame, I just simply unfollow them. No drama.

You know, I find it ridiculous and silly arguing with people online. People I do not know in person. Most of the time I prefer not to engage with them by staying zen. Hopefully you can do it too, staying sane in this fast moving online world. Respect one’s opinion and allow them to throw some rants.

To make it clear, I repeat I do not look for yessirs and yesmaams here. This post applies to those who ALWAYS comment against but keep following regardless.

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4 thoughts on “Why follow in the first place?

  1. Mungkin ya Mbak, mungkin, ini juga dari hasil pengamatanku : yang tidak suka tapi tetap follow dan komenin semua hal dgn tone yg berseberangan itu ya karena pengen “nyerang.” Jadi karena sudah ga suka orangnya (atau opininya), follow karena memang ingin selalu berargumen yg berseberangan. Kenapa tetep follow? Ya kelebihan waktu aja sih atau memang simple pengen nyerang aja. Akupun Mbak, ga semua hal perlu kukomen balik (terutama di twitter ya). Seringnya ya cukup kubaca saja. Hitung2 buatku belajar buat pengendalian diri.

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