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Reducing Screen Time

Mid January I signed in for a two day workshop at work where one of subjects was to map out the amount of time weekly spent on: work, household, families and friends, hobbies, socializing and others. Before the workshop I knew I had a pretty well-balanced private – work time, or so I thought. By others I filled in an x amount of hours I used on my smartphone based on the screen time feature on iPhone.

Last year September Apple introduced Screen Time for iPhone and iPad. This feature registers how you spend your time on the device. At the end of the week, it will report the total time you use on that device. Boy, I was fairly not really amused to see it drawn together in a pie chart with other activities I do on weekly basis. I was happy with it before, but then I wondered, it got me thinking that I could do better.

My smartphone is apparently my life. Screen time feature logs all times you use the phone, not only social media apps but others as well. After this insight, in relation to others things I do every week, I set a goal. I want to reduce my screen time, starting by deleting my Facebook app.

Living far away from family and friends, Facebook is a medium for me to keep in touch with them. I do not post nor update my status that often, perhaps only once a month, but I do love to see updates people share on my timeline. As an online analist, I am online of Facebook during work days to get into my company account’s statistics. Moreover Facebook has turned more and more into provider of local news and events for me. Like, I learn from it and targeted ads about newly opened cafe nearby my work or the music festival in the weekend I’d love to attend.

That and in combination of short vids from food recipes, travel tips and animals (those are the algorithms of my interests) passing by on my timeline made me scrolling endlessly. Before I knew it, I could be on that for 1 – 2 hours in the evening! A precious amount of time I could spend to something productive or relaxing. A week after deleting the Facebook app, my screen time had been reduced by 13%.

Other addictive apps followed the fate of Facebook app on my iPhone, they went straight to my app graveyard. Now, a month later I have successfully reduced my screen time by 30%. In that spared time, I have managed to read more books (4 more compared to the same time last year). I am back to seriously baking again and consciously broadening my Spanish and French vocabulary.

Last note: this is not a post about social media detox. It is about reducing the time on the smartphone screen so that I can give attention to other activities offline. Not all the deleted apps were social media. Some were non-sense ones I came to realise. Let me know if you want to try this. If you have done this, care to share your experience in the comment below?

PS WordPress app has been deleted from my iPhone as well. So please bear with my late reply on your comment. You know why.

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17 thoughts on “Reducing Screen Time

  1. Salah satu yang ingin kuterapkan tahun ini adalah pengurangan membuka Hp mbak, baik itu bermedia sosial (twitter terutama), blogwalking yg melalui hp. Sebenarnya sebelumnya pun aku bukan orang yg hp mania, tapi tahun ini memang lebih serius untuk tidak sering2 connect dgn aplikasi2 di hp. Media sosialku yg aktif hanya twitter, itupun seringnya kubuka pada jadwal2 tertentu misal saat istirahat siang dan malam hari. Grup wa malah sudah ga terlalu nengok lagi (kecuali ada yg mentioned) Dan kuberi batasan waktu. Dengan kasih batasan waktu dgn hp, aku makin punya banyak waktu dengan kegiatan dunia nyata (yg memang lagi sibuk2nya) dan produktif baca buku (sejauh ini sudah 5 buku yg tuntas kubaca dan sedang membaca buku ke 6). Aku merasa puas sejauh ini bener2 yg tidak terlalu pegang Hp, banyak hal produktif yg bisa kukerjakan dlm dunia nyata.

  2. Some of my recipes (including your blog recioe) are on my phone and also duo lingo jadi gimana dunk Lo? Perlu gw print semua recipes nya gitu🙄 But basically gw jg lagi mencoba utk less screen time. Kalo malem after 8.30 biasanya gw ga scrolling down IG anymore. Kalo WA gw masih krn masih sering komunikasi dgn nyokap dr nanya resep sampe hal2 sepele.

  3. Yep, screen time feature on iPhone is something I rely on every weekend. Maksudnya adalah saat-saat menunggu si iPhone kasih laporan, apakah dalam minggu ini screen time saya naik atau turun.
    Serupa tapi tak sama, saya juga jadi terpacu untuk mengurangi screen time setiap minggunya. Sedikit-sedikit, reducing 5%, 10%, ternyata bisa. Belum ada app yang di uninstall sih, tapi memang menerapkan kalau lagi nunggu, jangan pegang smartphone dulu. Baca buku, atau ngobrol dengan teman, mengamati sekitar, dan lainnya.
    Juga bertahan untuk gak terlalu lama buka medsos, seperlunya saja. Itu lumayan banget reducing dikit-dikit ternyata.

    Wish android has similar app..

  4. Actually i did it long time ago, almost for two year social media detox . it works! 🙂
    Since i rarely checking my phone especially at home, i’ve got many trouble for ‘my mobile-phone malfuction event’
    I don’t need any app anymore wkwkwk

    • Deleted apps on my phone are not solely social media apps, I call them nice to have apps but so time consuming, such as: heart rate app, weather app, BMI app, recipe app etc.

  5. Aku juga senang dengan fitur baru iPhone ini. BIasanya akan ngurangin pemakaian HP kalau keliatan screentime udah terlalu tinggi. Boleh juga kayaknya mulai memantau screentime per bulan seperti Mba Yoyen.

    Plus, aku juga suka cek fitur screentime di Instagram juga (yang ternyata cuma ada di iPhone sementara ini). Belakangan, lagi sering banget akses Instagram, jadi aku mutusin untuk logout juga supaya nggak keseringan ngecek hape. Alhasil, lebih ada waktu buat olahraga, baca buku, atau istirahat (tanpa megangin hp). 🙂

    • Bagus Vin. Aku kalo IG ngga gitu sering ya. Aku perhatiin aku banyak app di telp yang sebetulnya hal remeh – temeh tapi sering banget aku tengok heart rate app, weather app, BMI app, recipe app etc. Akhirnya aku delete ini semua. Ngaruh ke screentime ternyata 🙂

  6. I didn’t monitor this accurately, but so far I have deleted facebook and instagram from my iPhone. And sometimes I go out without carrying my phone. Taking out social media apps help because without them iPhone function as a gadget and does not demand our attention as much.

    • I still keep the Twitter and Instagram app on my phone. Deleted apps on my phone are not solely social media apps, I call them nice to have apps but so time consuming, such as: heart rate app, weather app, BMI app, recipe app, a couple of apps from news sites etc.

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