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Last December, escaping the winter in The Netherlands I spent a long week end in Málaga, south of Spain. One of the highlights from that trip was a daytrip to Ronda. Here are some pictures of that day.

Ronda is one of the 25 white villages (Los Pueblos Blancos) spread in Andalusia region. The following pics show why this place attracts so many tourists annually.

Ronda Andalucia

Ronda was built somewhere in the 9th century. The river Guadalevín split the village forming this deep ravine known today as Tajo de Ronda. That little bridge is the Old Bridge (Puente Viejo) of Ronda.

Ronda Andalucia

The New Bridge (el Puente Nuevo) dated from 1735, stands tall above the Tajo de Ronda, connecting the Mercadillo (Market) and la Ciudad (the Old Town).

In order to shoot the previous two images, I descended down this trail. It is not far, only 5 minutes walk but it is steep.

The vista from another side. On the right site there is a bullring arena and an alley called Hemingway. This famous writer had lived here for a couple of years.

Exploring the old town, I stumbled upon the Casa don Bosco a cute little museum. Once this was a mansion from an engineer whose widow donated it to the Salesian congregation after his death. The main part of the house offers this stunning view. I can sit here all day, reading a book or just enjoying the magnificent view.

In Los Pueblos Blancos, all houses are built with thick walls, small windows and painted brightly white. So are the white houses downtown Ronda. The thick walls keep the warmth in the winter and help holding the cool air in the summer. The small windows prevent too much sunlight from entering the house, this is also in order to keep the interior cool.

I have been to South Europe a couple of times in winter time but it never ceases to amaze me to see oranges on the trees there while in The Netherlands everything is so grey. This pic was taken around 2 pm that day. My husband asked me to pose in front of these orange trees. I dutifully obliged. I didn’t have my sunglasses with me while the sun was quite strong and warm. It was 20 degree Celsius.

The bright white paint reflects the sunlight so that it does not penetrate into the house. The reason why the walls remain so white is very simple: every spring every house gets a new paint to celebrate the spring. These houses are perfectly made for the climate of Andalusia.

Being one of the most visited regions in the world, Ronda is undeniable beautiful. There are many attractive spots to see and admire but it is touristy. There are many tourists and some prices in the cafes and restaurants are set accordingly. However when I was there, in the town center it was fairly quiet perhaps because it was winter? I visited it on December 8 2018. I managed to find a good local restaurant on one of the plazas in the Old Town. Ronda is easy to reach from Málaga either by train (1,5 – 2 hour) or by bus (1 hour). I took the bus from the Maria – Zambrano station. This village is ideal for a day trip for those who have a tight itinerary.

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