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Castelo dos Mouros

During the a day trip to Sintra, Portugal last summer I hit three of the many must-see sites. One of them is Castelo dos Mouros (Moorish Castle). It is called a castle but actually it is a fort. The Moors built it approximately in the 7th – 8th century. Here are a handful of pictures I took that day.

These are two images of the entry to the fort.

Castelo dos Mouros

I reached the fort around 2 pm. It was fairly crowded with tourists as you can see in the pics. When I was up there it was clear why the Moors chose that point for this defense. It is situated on a hill that allows them to foresee enemies from afar. That horizon shows the Atlantic Ocean.

Castelo dos Mouros
Castelo dos Mouros

At the end of the horizon there is Lisboa, 27 km from here.

From up there, the old town of Sintra with the characteristic two cone-shaped white chimneys of  Palácio Nacional de Sintra look so tiny.

Castelo dos Mouros
Castelo dos Mouros

I won’t write any further about this impressive fort, instead I let the images do the talking. If you plan to visit Sintra, this is definitely a must-see.

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