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Part of the aging process

Last week Saturday after dinner I wanted to reapply my lipstick. I had two lipsticks from the same brand but in different colour. I found one and took it out of my purse. I needed to check whether I had the good one in my hand. The room was poorly-lit, so I could not read the colour name on the back of the case. I held it farther from my eyes, then I could read it well. Upon realizing this I thought hmmmm….I have never had to do this before.

The following day I went drinking coffee with husband and the in-laws during which my sister in law mentioned she saw me holding the lipstick farther from my eyes the night before. Her husband suggested me trying on his reading glasses. I put them on and wow! I could see the text on my phone clearly. What a revelation! I suddenly realized, this is another phase of the aging process.

I have always been proud of my (then) good eyes. 20 years-ish ago I went to an optician for a test. My eyes were good. I intended to donate them when I am gone. A couple of years ago, I told my colleague that some texts on the screen were blur to me. The following day she dragged me to an optician for a test. I did that and was told that I might need to wear glasses a couple of years later.

That couple of years later is now. Last Monday I had my eyes tested and I need to wear reading glasses due to presbyopia. My eyes are aging, resulting in worsening condition to focus clearly on close objects. It is a natural part of the aging process. As I am 46 years old now, so it is normal. Despite that I have been positive about getting old, I have embraced my grey shade hair, this knowledge is quite confronting. At the same time I find it hilarious. This physical decay is inevitable.

So here I am, writing this post with my reading glasses on, trying to send the message that aging process is not something you are able to avoid. Some things and conditions are to delay but for how long? Other things, when they come, they are there. Me, as I have stated a couple of times here, I just want to grow old graciously and this is a work in progress for me.

20 thoughts on “Part of the aging process

  1. Aging graciously is also a process I want to embrace. I don’t want to fight getting old, I want to enjoy it. I think you’re one of my role models in doing just that mbak 😘

  2. Mbak Yoyen, orang Malaysia bilang, ‘hati biar muda’. Live life to the fullest yach, mbak.

    Anyway, kapan donk mbak bisa buka cerita tentang komunitas Indo di Belanda? Komunitas Jawa-Suriname atau komunitas Maluku juga bisa. Aku pengen tahu update baru mbak, at least, from your current observation.

  3. Halo mbak yoyen, happy new year ya 😊😊 aku setuju mbak, proses penuaan ga bisa dihindari. Ubanku mulai banyak muncul belakangan ini 😁😁😁

  4. Yes, I’m in for aging gracefully… Although I’m not denial at all, I just look (and feel) way younger than my age. The Asian gene, I guess.

    • Yes Dita. Years agoI used to have an ego boost when someone thought I was younger than I look. Nowadays, I take it as a compliment, not bad to be seen as 30 something while I am actually creeping to big 50. On the other hand my teen daughter is not happy when her friends think I could be her sister ha..ha..

  5. Me too have more and more greys on my hair and i know it is just a matter of time that i will also need reading glasses. We will be in our 50s before we know it. 😘

  6. I probably started wearing glasses around your age now at 70 years old, need 300 lenses to read and 150 lenses for distance. About reading the bottom of a lipstick, when 60, I put on makeup and went shopping, then came home to discover I had penciled in eyebrows with a pink Lip- Lining pencil rather than an eyebrow pencil. As I age I have difficulty with color but fortunately still have a sense of humor, Claudia . . . just saying

    • Aha! Humour is what keeps our spirit young, right? Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story Claudia. Nice to meet you here.

  7. My wakeup call and the start of my glasses phase was when I couldn’t read subtitles on movies. I quickly learned to love them and now at 79 they are my number one beauty trick.

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