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It is not too late to wish a happy new year right?

Sorry if I bore you with the same old wishes for the new year, year after year.

This one is from 2017. For 2019 my hopes and wishes remain the same.

Honestly I don’t know where the world is heading this year and the coming year. Terrors and wars don’t stop, polarisation based on people’s will has divided some countries, religious tensions are rising. Despite that all I still cherish hope that one day, one day we have had enough of it all and take the lead instead. Now I may sound cheesy but I genuinely wish for a better world, a hate-free place where everyone can live side by side no matter what race, what religion and what sexual orientation they have. I hope this is not a utopia. I keep hoping for the better in 2017.

In addition to this, I genuinely hope that my home country, Indonesia would be spared from nature disasters. In 2018 it has been hit by one major earthquake in Lombok and two tsunamis (Palu and West-Java). I wish mother nature would stay still in that area of ring of fire.

Another thing I wish it will go well for my home country is the coming Presidential Election in April.

As I said before, I quit having new year resolutions 11 years ago. I believe if you really want to change/do/achieve something, why wait till 1 January. Just do it right there and then. On the other hand, those who have started achieving the goal of their resolutions in 2019, good luck with that. You can do it!

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