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Woensdag Gehaktdag

Woensdag Gehaktdag means Wednesday Minced Meat day. It refers to an old Dutch/Flemish rhyme about the days of the week.

  • Maandag – Wasdag
  • Dinsdag – Strijkdag
  • Woensdag – Gehaktdag
  • Donderdag – Kuisdag
  • Vrijdag – Visdag
  • Zaterdag – Klusjesdag
  • Zondag – Kerkdag

Maandag – Wasdag/Monday Washing day

In old times Dutch/Flemish households washed their clothes on Monday.

Dinsdag – Strijkdag/Tuesday Ironing day

On Tuesday the clothes would be dried and ready to be ironed.

Woensdag – Gehaktdag/ Wednesday Minced Meat day

Butchers butchered the cattle on Monday, boning it on Tuesday, cutting it in steak, rump and other parts. On Wednesday it was time to mince and mix the meat left on the bone. This product is called gehakt in Dutch. Gehakt is actually a participle form of the verb to chop but when you say gehakt, Dutchies will understand you mean minced meat.


At the old times butchers made the minced meat into meatballs (gehaktbal) and sausages. This tradition of eating the gehaktbal on Wednesday is still pretty much alive. On Wednesday there is normally meatball on the menu at the offices’ restaurants/cantines. Supermarkets and butchers have special offer for minced meat and sausages.

Donderdag – Kuisdag/ Thursday Chaste Day

On this day it is time to clean the house.

Vrijdag – Visdag/ Friday Fish Day

According to Catholicism Friday is an abstention day. Catholics traditionally only eat fish because eating meat was not allowed on that day.

Zaterdag – Klusjesdag/ Saturday Handy Day

Men would execute some repairs (Dutch: klussen) around and in their house. This is still actual until now. The difference is that women do this as well.

Zondag – Kerkdag/ Sunday Church Day

This one is self-explanatory. On Sunday you only go to church and do nothing else. Inhabitants of Dutch bible belt area are still applying this. In traditional Dutch households, they eat soup on Sunday, prepared the day before because according to the bible one is not allowed to work/do some chores on sacred Sunday.

Since today is Wednesday, actually I will have gehaktbal with kale, mashed potato and gravy for dinner tonight. Should you wonder how it tastes, try this recipe.

5 thoughts on “Woensdag Gehaktdag

  1. Aku malam ini makan bakso lengkap. Masuk ikutan tradisi ini berarti ya mbak. Aslinya baru tahu info ttg ini pas selesai makan bakso. Kebetulan. Thanks infonya Mbak. Jadi nambah pengetahuan.

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