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Pinktober: Male breast cancer

It’s Pinktober again. My last post about Breast Cancer Awareness month dated three years ago, sharing an infographic about 15 types of breast cancer.

Although it is rare but male could get breast cancer as well. So I decided to share the following infographic, about male breast cancer from cancer center, an organisation in the USA.

Given the fact that male breast cancer exists, I wonder why the breast cancer screening is only focused on women? I live in The Netherlands where there is a national programme for breast cancer screening for women between 50 – 75 years old. Every two years women in that age range are invited to participate in this national screening. It is free.

In the Netherlands one on seven women will develop breast cancer while one out of 150 breast cancer patients is male. That is a fair amount to monitor in my opinion. Anyway, to those who are interested in more information about the national screening, kindly read the brochure from Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

2 thoughts on “Pinktober: Male breast cancer

  1. Sama kayak di sini Mbak, fokus kanker lebih ke perempuan, terutama serviks (setelah ada skandal 200 perempuan salah didiagnosa). Bagus juga ya ada awareness untuk breast, di sini lebih fokus ke serviks dan tiap orang wajib cek tiap beberapa tahun.

    • Di sini juga ada deteksi nasional mencegah kanker serviks. Perempuan umur 30 – 60 tahun diundang untuk ini tiap lima tahun. Aku udah 3 kali ikut ini, papsmear gratis dari pemerintah.

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