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A quest for perfect selfies at the gym

Today after work I came to the gym for my routine workout. When I started with warming up, there were these two girls, busy in the weight lift section. Then I did my workout for 45 mins in the same area. From time to time these two took pictures of themselves with me or other people at the background. They took pics in front of the mirror where the barbels were stored, on the treadmills and in the boxing section where the mirror was big. If I could I tried to stay out of their frame as I didn’t want me to be on their pic which they’d probably post on social media.

Gym selfie

Afterwards when I proceeded my training with cardio, these two began taking selfies or wefies. They went on about 30 minutes. After I finished my cardio session, they were still busy. Their obsession in making the perfect selfie intrigued me. They were good-looking girls with idem good body. It was fascinating to see their quest for the perfect pose. I bit on my teeth, holding myself not to comment on them and thankfully I succeeded doing so.

Does this cause by internet, the urge to present the perfect image of yourself? Or does internet only facilitate it? It just emphasizes who some people are. Nowadays it is quite normal to see women training with full make up, impeccable nails and hair. I am still indecisive about this though, as I only wear moisturizer and shape my brows properly before hitting the gym.

About the two girls in the gym, I don’t judge them. I find them interesting because I can’t understand their urge in finding the perfect selfie. Watching them taking endless pictures of themselves was quite entertaining and funny. It made me smile. At the end I wondered how many pics did they have to take in order to find the perfect one? And would they delete the not approved ones?

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12 thoughts on “A quest for perfect selfies at the gym

  1. Perhaps this is the curse of the selfie generation. It’s like an infinite loop leads to self-obsession and anxiety..

  2. This is sad 😦 I would like a gym to promote positive body image and healthy life style. I would like a gym to encourage us to be happily active, no matter what our body type is and sweating is fun!

    • It is the individuals though. And by looking at the body of the girls, I can see they are gym rats, well-toned. I just found it fascinating and a bit ridiculous at the same time the endless photo-session ha..ha..

  3. I dont understand something? In a world obssesed with equal opportunities and equal rights, how can gyms have women only areas? I never get this! If there was a Mens only section heads would spin. If there was a room for this colour person or that colour person heads would spin. When i asked the manager at my gym about this I was told that some ladies didint want to be looked at for whatever reason. My argument is how about all the ones that do, the ones with full make up on and hair all done, looking around for whos looking at them! I know a few men who feel more intimidated by these women!!?? I just dont get it. As for the selfie thing listen to Drakes song ‘Emotionless’ its genius. sums the the whole thing of social media and the falsity of the web of social obssesion.

    • It seems that some ladies are really aware of how they look in gym outfit. As I see it ladies area at the gym encourages girls/women who want to start active otherwise as you stated above, they’d feel looked at. It is body image issue some women need to cope with. So ladies area facilitates this as their safe zone. I can imagine for you it is difficult to understand but apparently this approach works.

      The ones with full make up on and hair all done, looking around for whos looking at them!, or the ones who are well-toned without the make-up and hair like me, they have enough confidence to train among the guys.

      • Ok Lorraine, i accept that explanation. But having been a regular gym goer for years and been a PT for a few years i have also experinced plenty of guys in the same posistion worrying about what the ladies think of them, with the same body image issues experienced by certain ladies.

  4. I blame it on the existence of social medias, Lo!😝 I have a friend here who goes to the gym full make up, wearing sexy outfits and video-ing her exercise! 😛😛 Fortunately (or unfortunately?) my yoga class won’t allow mobile phone once we are inside the class, plus who wants to take selfie after hot bikram?😝😝

  5. I’ve seen this quite a few times at my gym. One day this girl walks in and goes directly to the mirror, takes a selfie and then walks out. I don’t judge either but this moment made me laugh. Great post!

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