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Food in Valencia

It is almost summer but I haven’t written all stories from my summer holiday last year in Spain. Today is Sunday and I had some spare time to revive this blog again. Hereby I present you several pics of food I devoured in Valencia.

These are empanadas, Spanish baked pastries with savoury fillings. I ordered three with various fillings: tuna, chicken and beef. The crust was flaky and crumbly. It was delicious.

These grilled sausages were served with tomato sauce with a slight of pimentón de la vera, smoked paprika powder, a well-known Valencian product.

This tuna was catched the same morning by local fishermen. It is served with velvety romesco sauce and completed with nachos. Romesco is made of tomato, almond, paprika, garlic, bread and oil. The thick fresh tuna combined with flavourful sauce was divine. Crunchy nachos added some structure in the dish.
Tuna & almorejo with nachos

Simply grilled entrecôte with fries, pimientos de padrón (the fried green peppers) and sea salt. For my Asian taste bud, the peppers are not that hot. The padrón peppers are available in every tapas bar in Spain.

Bocadillo de jamón y queso at the Mercado Central downtown. One morning I grabbed this ham and cheese sandwich as a second breakfast known as almuerzo, around 10.00 am.
When visiting Spain in the summer, try Tinto de Verano (summer red wine). It is an alternative to Sangria. Tinto de Verano is made of 2 part of red wine 1 part of soda drink, served cold with ice cubes.

I have saved the best for last: the world-famous paella Valenciana. Most tourists know this dish with seafood which is delicious but the original paella from Valencia contains rabbit. This is a pan for my family of three. My daughter didn’t want to eat paella with rabbit, the chef substituted it with chicken instead. According to Valencian custom, we scrapped the burnt paella on the pan bottom. The caramelized pieces are considered delicacies and they were indeed delicious!
Paella Valenciana

That’s it for now. I still have some travel stories to share. When I finish the photo editing, I’d surely share them here. Stay tuned!

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