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Two weddings and a funeral

Last week was a strange one as I had two weddings and a funeral in the span of 6 days. Two friends of mine remarried and a dear aunt passed away. I received the wedding invitations months ago but the passing of my father in law’s cousin came unexpectedly.

I went to her funeral with my husband and the in-laws as I wanted to pay her homage for the last time. The funeral was a warm farewell with speeches from her children and grandchildren. One red line in the memories they shared about her was food. Comfort food, food made with love and food as identity of the roots. It was heartwarming to hear that and that showed and confirmed the culture where I’m from.

This occassion was also a reunion with far family members, some I have never met before. Some of the elderly shared interesting stories. I agree with my father in law, sadly the chance of meeting everyone is bigger on a funeral than on another event.

That week got me thinking about second chances. Seeing my two friends beaming as bride for the second time, I am happy for them. I admire them as well by daring to take the chance as where I live cohabitation is common but yet they went paper official. One of the brides asked the female guests to wear colourful attire. I wore a yellow mustard dress. Other female guests came dressed in various vivid colours. The weddings were really fun where everyone had a good time.

Fast forward a week after, here I am writing about it. That week I only missed a birth to complete the circle of life: wedding – birth – death. Those are three events in one’s life with big impact. That week I reflected a lot about life, the celebration of it. Life you and I live in our own way and on our own terms for who knows how long.

Vaarwel Tante T!

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8 thoughts on “Two weddings and a funeral

  1. All these ocassions indeed taught us about second chance and what’s your priorities in life. Hope we all can always get the best scenario God offers us. Cheers from NYC

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