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There is still no single cure for cancer

Lately I have seen more and more short videos circulating on social media about the cure for cancer. A month ago one short video passed my timeline on Facebook. It had a title: these vegetables can cure cancer. Annoyed by that because there is still no single cure for cancer, I have decided to write a short post about it.

I am no cancer patient but I have my fair share about it as half of my family succumbed to it. I follow news about health care and medical developments based on my personal interest. As long as I recall there is still no single cure for cancer. Some cancer could be cured and some are able to be controlled, giving the patient more precious time to live.

Look at the video from cancer research UK below, it explains it clearly.

Don’t get me wrong, I do genuinely hope that human can find one single cure for all cancer types as one, let’s say like the discovery of vaccines. Sometimes I dream that such cancer curing scanner as in the movie Elysium starring Matt Damon, would exist in real life.

Featured image is from Freepik.


8 thoughts on “There is still no single cure for cancer

  1. I am no cancer expert as well, but from what I understand cancer is very case specific therefore it is difficult to find “a” single cure that would cure them all. Having said that, I do hope we will, soon, find cures to all cancers 🙂 .

  2. So true mbak. It annoys me to the core when people come up to me to say vegetable x and y or herb a and z will cure cancer, all I need to do is eat them regularly. Like which cancer? There are many types. I hope people would stop oversimplifying the solution to cancer.

  3. I hope one day they find cure for cancer, so people don’t have to lose their loved ones.

    People should stop giving unsolicited advices on cure, especially when it is not a true one. It’s only giving a false hope for the family and the patient.

  4. Please check out my latest post ‘why I cut my hair’ to support children fighting from cancer and how we can bring smile on their face. I’m starting this hair donation revolution in my country. Please spread it as much as possible to the world.

  5. Thanks for sharing. My sister did everything and ate ALL the right foods and herbs to fight her stage 4 breast cancer battle. Yet, no matter what she did, cancer had its own mind. She died last year and I’m so glad she is no longer suffering. Cancer is so horrible and seeing someone go through it is just beyond words. Check out her journey. http://www.heaventelephone.com. Hugs!

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