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A complicated thing called Body Image

Since the past few years not only have I been going regularly to  the gym to stay fit, I have been following some fitness women on Instagram too for some fitness inspirations. Seeing their posts encourage me to keep on going day by day. Their message is about self-esteem, building and gaining the strength and self-confidence. In the end this healthy lifestyle result in self-love.

Earlier last year one of the fit women I follow underwent a breast enlargement surgery. She has been open about it but I felt cheated. Why? Because of the message she had been sending before her surgery; be who you are, be proud, accept yourself etc…etc…When you train, you lose fat. For women this means the breast become smaller.

I naively thought and interpreted that message to the letter; accept yourself who you are. So I was quite confused when she announced the upcoming breast enlargement surgery. Why would she surgically enhance her body while she has been advocating self acceptation herself? To me this seemed contradictory. Was she less proud of her body or was it her strive to perfection in her own eye? I would not know the answer. What I understand under the positive message about self love among others; accept yourself as who you are.

Fairly disappointed I decided to keep on following her anyway because I associated this discrepancy with the complicated thing called body image. Body image could be really puzzling. Body image is very personal. It is a mix of emotions, moods and views about oneself.

According to psychologytoday.com

Body image is subject to all kinds of distortion from internal elements like our emotions, moods, early experiences, attitudes of our parents, and much more.

So while I find nothing wrong with her body, who am I to judge her decision getting her breast enlarged? She had always been open and honest about it. With that in mind, now I see her in a different way. If that is her complex, it is part of her body image as well. Each of us walks that path of setting our own body image. Meanwhile she keeps inspiring me and her other followers with encouraging words and I thank her for that.

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6 thoughts on “A complicated thing called Body Image

  1. Kadang kita cukup melihat pesannya saja yang baik ya mba..bukan tokohnya. The same thing as body image, people are so much more complicated than we think.. ☺

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