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Food diary Barcelona summer 2017

It is November but there are still a handful of drafts about my summer holiday in Spain. This is one of them. I gladly share some pics of the food I had in Barcelona last July.

I present you verduras a la plancha or grilled vegetables. The dish consists of freshly grilled courgette, carrot, asparagus, pepper, mushroom and eggplant with a dash of olive oil.

Cooked mussels with white wine, garlic and parsley.

Barcelona is rich of culinary spots and I have tried a couple of them in several quarters. However this time I have found an area for foodies in Barcelona (at least this is new for me), it’s in Poble Sec quarter. There is a street full of pincho bars called Carrer de Blai. In the vicinity you will find other cafes and restaurants. If you want to go there by public transport, take the green line metro and get off at Poble Sec stop.

Pincho is no tapa. Tapa (singular) or Tapas (plural) are dishes in small portion you can share with your table partner. Pincho (singular) is a Basque specialty. Pinchos (plural) are bite size slice of bread with various toppings like these ones. Aren’t they pretty?

When you are a newbie to a pincho bar, here is how to eat there.  You go to the bar, take a plate and a number of pinchos you want to taste and don’t forget to order your drink. Go to your seat or stay standing by the bar.

If you want another round, get a new plate and take more pinchos but keep the skewers. Sometimes, the waiting staff will bring a tray of fresh pinchos from the kitchen. When they pass your table, halt them and take what you like.

At the end when you are really full and finish, bring all the skewers to the cashier.  Based on the amount of pincho skewers and the drinks the cashier will count the total bill.

Each pincho bar has skewers where the staff can see the price difference. Like this for example: the red dot and the yellow tip on the skewers. On the left is cream cheese with cranberry jelly and on the right is blood sausage.

This is one hidden gem which my daughter accidentally found, cafe Faborit. Faborit is a Spanish chain but this location is special. It is located inside Casa Amatller, a building by Josep Puig i Cadafalch at Passeig de Gràcia. Casa Amatller stands next to Gaudí’s Casa Batlló.

Besides hot and cold drinks, cakes, sandwiches and salads from Faborit there is a chocolate boutique from the house Amatller itself. The name giver of this building, Amatller family was in the chocolate business from 1797. Casa Amatller was built in 1875 but the chocolate factory isn’t in the family anymore since 1972. It still exists and sells the chocolate there, just like the old times in the original packaging. Oh, if you do come visit Faborit, try their signature hot chocolate with or without churros,

Other places where I ate but haven’t taken pics: Quimet y quimet, la Paradeta, El Bitxo, Cuines de Santa Catarina & Cal Boter. All are highly recommended.

This is just a compilation of my culinary journal in Barcelona, otherwise the post would be too long. In this serie I wrote about another dining location El Nacional. All of these posts are my own view, they are not endorsements.


10 thoughts on “Food diary Barcelona summer 2017

    • Rasanya macem-macem Messa. Ada olesan kepiting, tuna, keju krim. Ada juga yang bentuk burger mini, ada telur puyuh ceplok, ada ham, sosis, acar ketimun juga, kentang dll dll. Buah zaitun kadang ada di atasnya, supaya cantik 😀

  1. Menarik banget Mbak Yo foto-fotonya. Saya paling tergoda sama foto pertama yang grilled vegetablesnya. Haha. Trus beragam Pinchos bikin pengen nyobain.

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