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Awesome autumn

Two weeks ago when the leaves started to effloresce from green to the typical autumn red, brownish golden tones I snapped these pics.

I was walking to a meeting nearby my office and I passed by this neighbourhood. This sight belongs to this time of the year in the northern hemisphere. A bit gloomy and sad but strangely it is beautiful.

Autumn leaves Arnhem

Then it got more stunning. I could not help not to shoot this one. My nail polish was perfectly coordinated with the fall tones.

Autumn colours and hand

The colourful ivy is part of this.

Autumn colours, Fall colours, autumn tones

It is someone’s wall. So I stopped a bit longer to get the bigger, whole picture. The following includes the door.

Autumn colours, Fall colours, autumn tones

Then when the day ended, I looked at the ground and saw the amazing composition of the leaves and light. The sunlight came from behind me, illuminating some spots.

Autumn colours, Fall colours, autumn tones

In autumn I go mostly photo hunting in the park or the woods. However, this time it took me only 10 minutes walk from work to capture the beauty of this favourite season. Appreciating the nature is apparently possible in the city. These pictures are the proof of it.

All pics were taken with iPhone and minimally edited.

18 thoughts on “Awesome autumn

  1. keren
    nice picture!
    btw we do have fall season too in jakarta
    and nowadays we experiencing daylight saving time too πŸ˜€ as the sun already up by 5:15-ish

  2. Foto2 autumn selalu bagus2 yah, mbak Yo.. Cuma kebayang itu nyapu bersihinnya repotttt hehehe.. Walopun kalau autumn di Blenheim, kayak dipinggir jalan itu, ada mobil pembersih setiap beberapa hari sekali, tapi kan yang trotoar yah tetap banyak daun berserakan.

  3. Cantik sekali… I can’t resist colours. Saat kecil, aku sukanya ngeberantakin hasil tumpukan daun yang udah dibersihkan di halaman rumah πŸ˜›
    Gambar pintu dengan dedaunan terurai begitu entah kenapa bikin aku teringat sama hobbit hole a la Lord of the Rings (padahal beda banget, lol).

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