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I have survived the firsts

Dear mama, how are you now? You passed away two years ago today and I have survived the firsts since then. The first Christmas, first New Year, first wedding anniversary, first Mother’s Day, first birthdays, first of your death anniversary. All those days and milestones in the first year after you have gone, I have carried myself through without you. And the seconds followed.

white roses
Pic is courtesy of allfreedownload

This is my homage to you in the second anniversary of your passing. Last year was very hard for me as I automatically relived the moments by the minutes. The pain of sorrow caused by the grieving has faded away now.  I don’t even know why I share these private thoughts here. Perhaps it is my way of saying I miss you. I have run through all the stages of grief. I am fully aware you are physically not present anymore, what lingers on is my memory of you.

And I am saying this to those who have lost their loved-ones, it is ok to be sentimental and commemorate the deads. They would all be remembered forever. I wish the best to you who are still coping with the loss.

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