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Dining in El Nacional

In this post I share pics of food at El Nacional in Barcelona. As I wrote in that post my family and I dined at El Nacional three times, respectively in the seafood restaurant, meat grill part and the tapas joint.

First, La Llotja, the seafood area. Fresh Oysters from nearby sea.
Oysters at La Llotja, El Nacional Barcelona

Grilled Gambas and grilled octopus Galician style.
Gambas and octopus at El Nacional Barcelona

Dessert; grilled brioche with melted cheese and a drizzle of honey.
Brioche and melted cheese with honey El Nacional Barcelona

Now come the tapas I devoured at La Taperia. First; Patatas Bravas. Each tapas bar in Spain has their own versio of sauce for Patatas Bravas. At El Nacional the deepfried potato chunks are served with its spicy sauce (salsa brava) and mayonaise. Well, for an Asian I find the sauce to be delicious but not so spicy. It contained smoked paprika (pimenton).
Patatas bravas La Taperia El Nacional Barcelona

On the right there are three croquetas de jamón. On the left there is la bomba de Barceloneta. Spanish croquetas are bechamél based not from mashed potatos. Beside the natural ones there are variations with chunks of bacalao fish, tuna, Serrano ham, chicken or mushrooms. My faves are with Serrano ham and  bacalao.
La bomba de Barceloneta, croquetas El Nacional Barcelona

Bomba de Barceloneta is a special dish from Barceloneta quarter. This fishers village is the place where this bomba was invented. La bomba is a ball of deepfried mashed potato with ground meat filling, served on mayonaise and topped with salsa brava (the same sauce for patatas bravas). It is nice but not so special to me. It reminds me of Indonesian croquette sans mayonaise and salsa brava.
La bomba de Barceloneta El Nacional Barcelona

This is how la bomba looks like. Should you want to order it, I recommend to omit the mayonaise.
La bomba de Barceloneta El Nacional Barcelona

Lemon meringue pie at La Brasserie, the meat and grill restaurant. I didn’t take pic of my rib eye which was perfectly grilled.
Lemon meringue pie El Nacional Barcelona

This is how the bar at La Taperia looks like.
Bar La Taperia El Nacional Barcelona

If you aren’t hungry but you want to visit El Nacional, you can order some drinks at one of the four bars.

The food is good. It may cost a little more than at a restaurant in the hood but it is worth it.


9 thoughts on “Dining in El Nacional

  1. OMG. Parah – parah, bikin laper. Padahal baru selesai makan spaghetti. Pasti seger, terus daging seafoodnya kenyal membal enak. 😀

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