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Romandre fort a Barcelona

Last month I went to Spain for my summer holiday, visiting three different cities. One of them is Barcelona, a city very dear to me and my family. We frequently come there because we feel at home.

When I heard about the attack yesterday, I just could not believe it. It took place in Las Ramblas, the most crowded part of the city. Actually I planned to start posting travel stories about my summer holiday there. The pictures have been edited, the story drafts are ready, but in the wake of the attack I decided to post this. Travel stories are coming up.

The irony is that the locals of Barcelona have had enough with the tourists invading their city. Think of the cruise ships with thousand of passengers on board, AirBnB driving the property price to a level locals can’t afford. Now, the attack was executed in the heart of the city, tourists might avoid it but the locals are stuck with the fear.

Nevertheless, I really love la ciutat. Stay strong Barcelona.


7 thoughts on “Romandre fort a Barcelona

  1. It really is a very complicated story going on in Barcelona recently. If the number of tourists dropped because of the attack, in a way the locals “got” what they wanted; but with the “fear” (or, at least, “uneasiness”) that arose due to the attack; I wouldn’t think this what what they originally wanted.

  2. Was so shocked to hear the news and immediately contacted my close friend living there. She told me how scary it felt even though she was not in Las Ramblas at that time 😦 So very sad

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