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Two weeks ago I went to Food Truck Festival Trek! in Nijmegen. In 2015 I visited this Food Truck Festival and share the story in Foodie Heaven. Last year I didn’t come due to gloomy weather.

Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone. This is The Duck Truck serving duck as burger in several variations.

Burger Kitchen. These guys are good. I tasted their burger and satisfied.

I had the Classic and the Memphis. Did I mention that husband and I came to Trek two days in a row? The weather was hot that weekend so we spent our weekend there with friends.

Another Food Truck selling burger.

BBQ flank sandwich, prepared in Big Green Egg BBQ. Proeven is geloven: Tasting is believing. The flank was juicy and tender. Lekker!

Crêpes Nomades offers real French crêpes made by Thierry the pastry chef. Hij is a crêpier. All his products are from France. I have met him in another food truck festival. If he has time, he gladly chat with his clients.

Willy Nachos for nachos, tacos and more.

Spanish themed food truck selling; Jamón Ibérico, Jamón Serrano, some dry sausages and olives. Para picar y compartir, to taste and share.

Good food, tasty drinks, comfy ambiance and cool music! There were a couple of stages and trucks playing music. This dj played music from the 70es, reminding me of my parents and my childhood. Other DJ focused on RnB. There was also a venue for silent disco, it was fun to do.

Street performing artists were present and mingled with public.

And these are food and drinks husband and I consumed, well at least the ones I captured on camera. Vietnamese meal: Rice noodles with grilled pork (Bún thịt nướng) and fresh Spring rolls (Gỏi cuốn) accompanied with Amaretto sour (almond liquor with lemon juice).

Amaretto sour close-up.

When in The Netherlands one needs to have frietjes or patat met (fries with mayonaise).

And of course poffertjes (mini pancakes from buckwheat, sprinkled with icing sugar and a piece of butter).

Closing this post, here is one cup of fresh frozen yoghurt from Yoghurt Barn: mango coulis at the bottom. frozen yoghurt, strawberry and raspberry on top.

There are a bunch of food truck festivals coming in The Netherlands, I’d pray for good weather so I can visit some of them. When I do, I’ll share some pics here again. Stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “Trek!

  1. Lagi nge trend ya Food truck di Belanda..kirain di sini doang. Di sini ada food trucks festival jg Yen. Cuman yg enak itu nguantrinya ngujubile panjang bgt lol

  2. Daaaan saya salah nekad baca jam tengah malam gini. Jadi laper. Apalagi tadi sore habis buka pake bebek dan enak bener. Jadi ngebayangin burger bebeknya. 😀

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