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What would food be like in 100 years?

Is it still ok to use foodie as a term or is it food enthusiast now? No matter which term I use, I love food. I love to eat, cook/bake, see, smell, photograph, talk and write about food. At the moment I am pondering about how food would be like in 100 years. This post contains many questions I have, I am no futurist. There are a hell lot of woulds and fantasy, prepare yourself.

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Would there be enough ground left to grow the crops and to keep livestock? How about clean water? Which vegetables or fruit would extinct then?  Which ones would survive? Would there be new species of vegetables and fruit? Or would our children’s children consume solely genetic manipulated/modified food? How would that taste like? How about typical regional cuisines would these blend into one universal sort as the world might become borderless then?

Not unimportantly; if space travel would be a reality, would it make food in tablets normal? How about the taste buds? Would these evolve according to what human consume then?

Human basic needs are the air to breath, a place to settle and adequate food to survive. I expect the technology would allow human to explore more at that time. Perhaps scientists would succeed in inventing food tablets that are quite filling to fulfill the hunger. With the immensely growing world population, rising food prices, environmental challenges, would there be enough food for everyone? Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware there is famine going on in Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen. 20 million people are starving to death now. This is caused by wars in those countries. How would the situation be like in 100 years? Worse, better or the same?

What do you think? Please share your comment below. I am sincerely curious about your thoughts.


12 thoughts on “What would food be like in 100 years?

    • Dan ngga jelas bentuk makanannya kaya apa. Sayuran dan buah sepertinya akan jadi mahal karena lahan untuk bercocok tanam makin sedikit.

  1. People do exaggerate what will happen in the future, but in fact relatively not much change since the last century even millenia in regards to our basic needs.

    Most of us still fry, steam, bake, grill and even eat raw, similar to what our ancestors ate in the past. Yes, heaps of innovation invented, e.g. Food preservation techniques, but it’s not too far different from how people preserved food by salting or smoking fish and fruits.

    100 years in the future might seem distant, however in my opinion, food will not change too drastically.

    • There has been an explosion in world population the past century compared to the previous centuries. All these people need to eat. This post is my concern about how the natural sources would survive the overexploitation and gigantic needs.

  2. Farm efficiency is a must, i reckon. Water source preservation is really important.

    Don’t you think, that life will find the way itself? Like, if the food is so scarce and expensive, people might think harder to limit the population, or even the disaster will keep the environment balance anyway. Well, I might think too holistic.

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