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Day 9: Describe the best day of your life to date

Today’s challenge is a tough one as I have multiple best days in my life such as my wedding day, the day I gave birth to my daughter, my graduation days etc.

If I had to choose, I’d pick my wedding day. I genuinely hope this is nog a cheesy post. If you can’t stand it, stop right here and browse further.

Carry on. The day before a complete Javanese ceremony took place at my house, marking my last day as a single woman. It was emotional because I needed to ask my parents’ blessing to marry the man of my choice. The ceremony is called Midodareni. I did all the frills gladly. Perhaps I will elaborate about this in another post.

On my wedding day I woke up early in the morning with a big smile. I was tired from the festivities the night before but I felt fresh. My makeup artist came at 11 am. He found me too calm for the bride to be. My BFF came by and watched me getting ready. All three of us chatted and joked together. From time to time my mother and siblings came by to see me. At 1 pm I was ready. The hair and makeup were done, dressed up with a veil. I sat waiting for him to come. At 2.15 pm husband to be picked me up with his entourage. I could see my mother getting nervous but I stayed calm.

I was not nervous at all. The important thing in my mind was that I was going to pledge a lifetime commitment with a man of my choice in front of my loved-ones. I didn’t care much about stuffs around it. I was not a bridezilla. After all I finally got to be together with him after 3 years of long distance relationship when there was no internet and interland phone call was pricey.

In the church the wedding ceremony went smoothly. Most of my friends from the church sang in the choir. It was beautiful. The reception that evening was a blast. At the end, before throwing my bouquet to the crowd, I started to sing old jazz standards, accompanied by a pianist friend. I used to sing with him and three others girls on weddings (hey Eternal Voices, I miss you a lot guys!!!).

Husband and I mingled with the guests too. Btw this was considered uncommon according to Indonesian standard at that time (we’re talking about August 1995). Wedding receptions at that time were more two-hour standing receptions with buffet, started with some speeches beforehand. The wedding ended at almost midnight. It was tiring for us. My face felt cakey from the waterproof makeup. My mouth was stiff from never-ending smile.

It was a fun celebration of our union together. The ambiance was good and ditto food and drinks. We mingled, sang and danced along with the guests. His family was present, not only the core but also the extended ones. Some of his friends flew to Jakarta only for the wedding. For some of my friends who attended the wedding, it was also a farewell. The day after my husband and I flew to Bali for our honeymoon. Two weeks later we came back to Jakarta. And four days after that I migrated to The Netherlands. Ready for a new life as someone’s wife in a new country.




8 thoughts on “Day 9: Describe the best day of your life to date

    • Ha…ha…iya Shin? Aku kalo nulis tentang kisah sendiri ini ngga nyaman sih, momoknya aku takut menye-menye. That is so not me 😀

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